GMA: Sneddon and Investigators Subpoenaed by Defense to Testify

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:globe GMA is reporting the DA, Tom Sneddon, and investigators in the Michael Jackson “case” have been subpoenaed to testify by the defense in court today. Apparently, they knew Brad Miller was a private investigator b/c they went to his office BEFORE they raided it. On the search warrant to get into his office, they claimed that Miller was a Jackson employee. Well a memo dated days before they raided his offices shows that they knew this was false. This has to do with the audiotape, seized from Miller’s office, where the accuser and family are denying that Jackson did anything untoward to any of them. Stay tuned to this topic for further details: :check [url=]Official Thread for 7/9 Hearing[/url] :camera [url=]GMA Video[/url] :mjghetto

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