Babies Story Completely False, says Jackson

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There’s this rumor, thanks to US Weekly and their penchant for reporting less than accurate information, that Jackson is expecting 4 babies by some mystery woman in Florida. The following is a report from MJJSOURCE, which is Jackson’s ONLY official website:

Date: Monday, July 19, 2004 MJJsource Responds to Us Weekly Report Us Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday, July 20, 2004, that Michael Jackson is about to become a father of quadruplets. MJJsource denies the validity of this report. There will be no further comments on this matter from MJJsource. (see MJJSOURCE.COM)

ET is reporting the story as well. They apparently called Jackson’s people for a response:

However, Jackson’s spokesperson is denying the story, telling ET: “This is not true and we are not going to further comment on stories of this nature.”

You can read ET’s full article here: :popcorn

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