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Ridiculous ‘Quads’ Story Used as Distraction? – MJEOL Bullet #167 In a rather pathetic attempt to shift the focus off of the real bombshells in the actual Jackson “case”, some nut (or nuts) has convinced another set of nuts to run a story about Michael Jackson fathering quadruplets by some mystery woman in Florida. Without naming a source, the magazines featuring this ridiculous story–Us Weekly by way of the National Enquirer–claims that Jackson met recently with a surrogate who is pregnant with 4 children that he will become the father of. Everyone in a position to know such information is saying the story is complete garbage. That hasn’t stopped the speculation. What’s more, the timing is too incredibly suspicious to be ignored. As a result of this story, Jackson released a statement through his spokeswoman denying this out-of-the-blue tabloid story:

MJJsource Responds to Us Weekly Report Us Weekly magazine reported on Tuesday, July 20 2004, that Michael Jackson is about to become a father of quadruplets. MJJsource denies the validity of this report. There will be no further comments on this matter from MJJsource. (see release)

Fox news reporter, Roger Friedman, claims he spoke to his sources and they say that none of this is true. He even says he spoke to Jackson’s younger brother, Randy, about it:

His brother Randy, whom I spoke with briefly, said of the impending births, “It’s bull—-.” Interestingly, though the tabloids and TV shows reported the quad story, not one of Jackson’s attorneys or insiders know a thing about it when the rumor began circulating on Tuesday. For Jackson to have entered into any kind of surrogate agreement with any woman, he would have required some kind of legal assistance. (see article)

Friedman has been known to dilly-dally into the ludicrous stories of Jackson’s personal life…and get it completely wrong. His follow-up article is more rife with total speculation about how the story could or may be true. For the National Enquirer/Us Weekly story to be true, there would have to be a paper trail. No one has seen any medical records, documents written up by lawyers, confidentiality agreements, check stubs, etc. Regardless of how well people think Jackson can keep a secret, you can’t broker a surrogate deal by yourself, hire lawyers without other people knowing, or tell someone to set up a situation like this where only you know about it. Running around like their hair is on fire with a report like this, is incredibly damaging to what’s left of the little credibility they have with some of their wayward readers. And this story is easily checkable: 9…8…7 months from now, either there will or won’t be 1-4 babies born to some lady in Florida. But the media doesn’t care about 9 months from now. They want the increase in circulation and revenue now. Remember the ‘he’s going broke/about to file for bankruptcy’ story? Well?? What happened? What happened is that it was garbage from day one. That’s why it hasn’t come to fruition. Most say that this is garbage as well. Maybe the media, including Friedman, secretly needs this story to be true because critical thinking skills don’t seem to entirely kick-in when it comes to reports about Jackson’s personal life. Analytical thinking skills seem to be scarce in situations like this. Maybe someone found out that Jackson was keeping company with a rich lady in Florida, but didn’t want to give up the ‘bizarre/weird’ rumors by actually confirming that he’s having a normal relationship with a woman. So they scream: ‘Oh heaven forbid! We can’t show Jackson as a normal human being! ‘Wack0 Jack0’ is a multi-million dollar industry!’ Not to mention that it would be in direct contradiction to what he’s accused of doing now. The media needs Jackson to be crazy, guilty and perverted just about as much as a crackhead needs crack. Maybe he was taking his kids to Disney World and visiting friends. Who knows. The point is who the hell cares! This is not of importance at all right now, nor is it any of the media’s business what he’s doing. And I resent the fact that the media is telling the public this unconfirmed story as if they, the public, should get to approve or disapprove of what he decides to do. Jackson doesn’t belong to any of us, so those who feel the need to chastise him about a story with no proof of truth to it should just keep their disgusting self-righteousness to themselves. Not everyone in the media is falling for it, though. From all accounts, the story seems ludicrous on its face and even some reporters are lowering their eyebrows in jaded disbelief. Add these reactions to the total lack of proof, the denials from Jackson, and denials from those around him. The sum of all this is a story obviously being pushed for a particular purpose. But what purpose would that be? There will be another hearing in the Jackson “case” July 27 2004, about a week after this story morphed from a tabloid mess to an allegedly legitimate mess. And just in the nick of time too! In the actual “case”—which the media should be paying attention to—there are some major developments happening. For those who are just now paying attention to the actual “case”, some form of misconduct happened, including false information on a search warrant which allowed prosecutors and police to ransack a defense private investigator’s office. Another huge development is the fact that the district attorney of Santa Barbara, Tom Sneddon, is being forced to take the stand and testify in a case which he’s prosecuting, regarding misconduct that he was apparently engaged in. This private investigator, Brad Miller, was working for Jackson’s first attorney, Mark Geragos. Just days before Miller’s office was ransacked by police, Sneddon did his own personal investigation. He staked out Miller’s office, went inside the building, examined a roster of occupants, took a picture of that roster, climbed a flight of stairs in an unsuccessful attempt to find a door with Miller’s name on it, then went across the street from the building and took pictures of it. Just so there is no confusion about what happened here, raiding the offices of someone working for the defense team is unlawful unless you expect that person is involved in an actual crime. You simply can’t do it. It’s an invasion of privacy and a violation of attorney-client privilege. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out that Sneddon was behind arranging for Jackson’s jet to be bugged with listening devices when he flew back to Santa Barbara to get booked. But there’s more. On a sheriff’s report dated Sept 10 2003, it refers to Mr. Geragos as Jackson’s attorney and even cites correspondence between Miller and Geragos:

A sheriff’s report dated Sept. 10, 2003, indicated Mr. Geragos was an attorney who worked for Mr. Jackson and references correspondence between Mr. Geragos and Mr. Miller. (see article or at SB NewsPress)

So he obviously knew that Miller worked for Geragos. What’s more, in a prior investigation, Sneddon gained access to Miller’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records and got a photo of him from that. At some point, he also drove to a pre-arranged meeting where he conducted a “photographic lineup” with an unnamed witness or witnesses. He’s doing all of this pre-raid investigation—even going so far as to pull DMV records and secure a photograph of Miller—and we are to believe that it just completely slipped his attention Miller was working for Geragos?? I don’t think so. There’s clearly no way Sneddon should be able to get out of this by feigning ignorance. It doesn’t stop there. Sneddon may have used the information found at Miller’s office to try to nullify some of Jackson’s exculpatory evidence during the grand jury process, some observers say. This would explain why there were drastic changes made to the charges against Jackson, in comparison to the initial charges filed by the DA in Dec 2003. Everything changed: the charges, the number of counts, and the alleged abuse timeline! But no one wants to discuss this. Why not? Why haven’t there been exhaustive articles detailing the actions of the DA? There aren’t 2 or 3 part stories about this on Entertainment Tonight. The DA’s behavior and these questions haven’t spread like wildfire. No one’s doing man-on-the-street reports regarding how people feel about the fact that the freakin’ district attorney of Santa Barbara is being made to testify in a case where he has apparently engaged in massive misconduct. What do we get instead? We get whiny reports of a second-hand tabloid story from the likes of ridiculous Us Weekly reporters trying desperately to convince the public that they’re right and Jackson is wrong; as if it’s not his life! The timing of this story is more than suspicious. And the entertainment media’s reaction to it has been completely ludicrous. But what’s more infuriating is the way the allegedly legitimate media has picked up the ‘babies’ story. Is the DA’s PR firm helping to push this story to take attention away from the massive problems with the prosecution’s actions and their furthering of what some have openly called a “farce” of a “case”? My feeling is that all the baby stories in a free world won’t be able to pull the prosecution’s collective ass from this fire. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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