Melville DENIES Prosecution Motion to Keep Witnesses from testifying

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Jackson document released By The Record Staff 7/29/04 A heavily edited prosecution motion to quash subpoenas against three witnesses in the Michael Jackson child molestation case was released by the court late Wednesday. Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville denied the motion during Tuesday’s hearing in the case. The subpoenas appear to have been served on William Dickerman, an attorney for the mother of Jackson’s accuser; psychologist Stan Katz, who first reported the current child molestation allegations to law enforcement officials; and the mother of Jackson’s accuser. They were apparently called to testify regarding the admissibility of evidence seized from an investigator working for Jackson’s former lawyer, Mark Geragos. That matter was addressed Tuesday and will be taken up again Aug. 16. Jackson, 45, has pleaded not guilty to engaging in lewd acts with an unnamed boy under the age of 14 and administering alcohol to help him with the alleged molestations. He also has pleaded not guilty to a conspiracy charge and a count of attempted child molestation. :nav Source: You can read Sneddon’s denied motion here:

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