Defense Arguments Absent from Hearing Coverage?– Bullet #169

Defense Arguments Absent from Hearing Coverage? – MJEOL Bullet #169 Some observers have noticed a lack of information as to what the defense presented in court today. Some, like us, have been waiting to hear the defense’s arguments to some of the things prosecutors have been saying about this allegedly vast “conspiracy” to kidnap/abduct/imprison the accuser’s family by Jackson and his associates. What is striking is that in most of the early articles about what happened in court today, only 1-3 sentences are devoted to what Jackson’s attorneys said in court, even though it was the defense who caused these witnesses to take the stand in the first place.

The majority of these earlier articles–thus far, from the AP, the LA Times and the like—ran with headlines such as “Prosecutors Say Jackson Imprisoned Family” (LA Times); “Jackson built Neverland ranch to entice children: lawyers” (AFP); and “Michael Jackson Accused of Imprisoning Boy” (AFP).

But some information is leaking out through the screaming headlines. Sources inside the courtroom have said that the defense lawyers made the prosecution look like they were involved in misconduct and/or had something to hide.

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