Sloppy, incomplete, inconsistent docs being turned over to Defense- Source

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:globe Sources say the defense in the Michael Jackson case are saying prosecutors have turned over incomplete, sloppy and inconsistent documents. Prosecutors are suppose to turn over information–such as true and correct copies of search warrants and other information–to the defense so that they can prepare for trial. The defense says, according to sources, that prosecutors are handing over non-certified copies of information; some with blanks and some with mysteriously missing pages. Mesereau is said to have filed a status report today regarding all of the search warrant discrepencies. According to the source, there has been some [b]69[/b] search warrants associated with this case. No, that’s not a typo. Stunning information is coming out that some of the search warrants have been turned over to the defense where there is no indication that they have been certified by the court, sources say. Also, the defense says that prosecutors’ records are inconsistent with the court clerk’s records and that, according to the clerk’s records, there is no record of at least 1 search warrant executed by police and prosecutors. [b]Download the court documents filed by the defense:[/b] :nav [url=]…r&filecatid=246[/url] :nav [url=]…r&filecatid=247[/url] Stay tuned to the this thread for more breaking information: :check [url=]New info from source about sloppy docs from prosecutors [/url] :mjghetto

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