Tape Public Never Saw is Evidence of Conspiracy?– Bullet #176

Tape Public Never Saw is ‘Evidence’ of Conspiracy? – MJEOL Bullet #176 Santa Barbara News-Press writer Dawn Hobbs has written an article, “Tape called evidence of Jackson conspiracy,” which cites leaks from either prosecutors or law enforcement about a tape of the accuser and family. Apparently the accuser and his mother are caught on tape praising Jackson. Hobbs says her sources tell her that this is the tape prosecutors will use to claim a “conspiracy” against the family.

According to prosecutors, the tape was the cause for the alleged “conspiracy/abduction/kidnapping/threats”; the reason for the alleged trip to another country; the reason for so much prosecution-alleged panic. The problem is that the tape (or tapes) was never shown to the public in any form either before or after late Feb 2003.

Remember, this allegedly took place some time in Feb 2003. There was no hint or even suggestion of the family making a molestation allegation against Jackson at this time. So this tape certainly wasn’t made as a result of any allegation coming from the family.