Lawyers: Search Illegal; Prosecutors still dragging feet

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:globe More information was released today in court documents from Jackson’s legal team concerning illegal searches. Apparently, the “Affiant”, Paul Zelis, may have cited boilerplate information regarding pedofiles–which had nothing specifically to do with Jackson–to get some of the search warrants, including the one to search Jacksn’s Neverland Ranch. Further, they say that the amount of time between the alleged “molestation” and the search constituted a stale search. In other words, there’s no way they could have believed that certain information they claimed to be looking for would have even been in Jackson’s house at that time since it was some 8 months after the alleged “molestation”. Prosecutors are still dragging their feet in handing over true and correct copies of the search warrants to Jackson’s lawyers. As of July 30 2004, his attorneys say that they STILL haven’t received accurate and complete copies of even the search warrants executed against Jackson. The defense also says that police searched areas of Jackson’s home for which they had no search warrant. Sources say the majority of these search warrants were signed off on by a retired judge, Judge Adams, that prosecutors keep going to for permission to get the approximately 70 (to 74) search warrants already executed in this “case”. You can read all about this in the defense’s [b]Supplemental Motion to Traverse Affidavits, to Quash Warrants, and to Supress Evidence Under Penal Code 1538.5[/b]: To post your comments and get the latest info:

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