Sneddon Admits he Knew Raid was Illegal?– Bullet #178

Sneddon Admits he Knew Raid was Illegal? – MJEOL Bullet #178 There is word of breaking news today of two new pieces of information surrounding current district attorney Tom Sneddon and prosecutorial misconduct. Sources say that Sneddon, after initially lying about it, admitted to knowing a private investigator was hired by then-Jackson attorney Mark Geragos.

Further, we have also learned that even after they “found out” (the second time) that Miller was a part of the defense team, they lied again to get a second search warrant.

Appearing on Fox News Live today (Aug 15 2004), defense attorney John Dolan told Fox that the Jackson “case” is a train wreck waiting to happen because of the misconduct of current lead prosecutor and DA Tom Sneddon.