Sneddon Admits he Knew Raid was Illegal?– Bullet #178

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Sneddon Admits he Knew Raid was Illegal? – MJEOL Bullet #178 There is word of breaking news today of two new pieces of information surrounding current district attorney Tom Sneddon and prosecutorial misconduct. Sources say that Sneddon, after initially lying about it, admitted to knowing a private investigator was hired by then-Jackson attorney Mark Geragos.

Further, we have also learned that even after they “found out” (the second time) that Miller was a part of the defense team, they lied again to get a second search warrant.

Appearing on Fox News Live today (Aug 15 2004), defense attorney John Dolan told Fox that the Jackson “case” is a train wreck waiting to happen because of the misconduct of current lead prosecutor and DA Tom Sneddon. Dolan says that prosecutors initially lied to Judge Rodney Melville when they first claimed they didn’t know Miller was working for Geragos in written papers. Dolan tells Fox News:

“In the written papers filed with the court, Sneddon and his offices say they didn’t know Brad Miller was hired by Mr. Geragos. But in a telephone conference call with the defense and with some prosecutors, he admitted that he did know, before this investigation and before this entry by sledgehammer into Brad Miller’s office, that Miller was working for Geragos” (:camera see FoxNewsLive: Sneddon Admitted to Knowing Miller worked for Geragos Aug 15 2004 ).

Dolan says that this extraordinary set of circumstances could cause the attorney general to have to become involved in this case once again if Sneddon is made to step down from this case. “That’s a train wreck because then the attorney general comes in to take over the case,” Dolan says. He continues:

“The same attorney general that probably has to investigate the district attorney’s office about what they did in this search warrant. It’s a real mess.”

Also discussed was what police may have been looking for in Miller’s office. Reportedly, the story goes, the family told prosecutors that Miller may be in possession of some letters Jackson wrote to the accuser. Most observers don’t seem to understand why Miller would have those alleged letters. Even though they had a search warrant, police still sledge-hammered their way into Miller’s office. These alleged letters were supposed to have been inside a storage box of some kind. Dolan said a storage locker was discovered during the police’s initial search. Evidently they didn’t find any letters because Dolan reports that after they were told (again) that Miller was working for Geragos—and after Miller’s attorney showed up at the scene during the initial raid—they obtained a second search warrant. This second warrant was obtained, again, without mention that Miller was a part of the defense team:

“And that storage locker, by the way, was discovered during the initial search. And then a second search warrant was obtained compounding the problem because they again didn’t mention that Brad Miller was Mark Geragos’s investigator. And Brad Miller was there and told them that before they went and got the second search warrant.”

So all of this illegal searching and prosecutors may have still come up empty-handed with regards to any incriminating evidence. The only report about any “evidence” prosecutors want to use is actually exonerating material: a video of the family on tape saying nothing happened and professing how good a person Jackson is. Believe it or not, prosecutors are actually trying to claim that this shows a “conspiracy” and that the family was made to say those things. Yeah…right. This new information comes on the heels of other information about Sneddon breaking the gag order he, himself, requested. And then lying to the media about not breaking it. Attorney Joe Tacopina, who represents one of the prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators” told Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera (August 14 2004) that someone taped the speech Sneddon made in which Sneddon breaks the gag order by discussing this “case”. Not only that, Sneddon is supposedly caught saying that he subpoenaed certain people to keep them off TV and from defending Jackson:

“He said this at a speech that someone taped. So yes, he’s gonna admit he did that. And he said he did that” (:camera see Rivera: Joe Tacopina talking about Sneddon testifying Aug 14 2004 ).

This is more of that “special treatment” again. Tacopina says that if this situation had been overseen by an unbiased prosecutor, this “case” never would have been brought. He says that there is massive amounts of “baggage” that’s going to come out about the family. “The inconsistencies are gonna be enormous,” Tacopina says. He also says that all the credible evidence in this case is overwhelmingly in Jackson’s favor. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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