Latest news and PICS of Michael at the August 16 Hearing

Michael Jackson and family have arrived in court today to watch DA Tom Sneddon and others testify in court. Sneddon, always allowed to use the backdoor to enter the courthouse, arrived earlier today. Check out all the latest pics and news in the MJEOL FORUM: :check [url=][/url]

Police Not Vindicated in One-sided Investigation– Bullet #179

Originally titled: Police “cleared” in One-sided Investigation? Not So Fast– MJEOL Bullet #179 In an early report from the Lompoc Record, a “source”—obviously from either law enforcement or prosecutors—says that the attorney general (AG) of California has “cleared” the sheriff’s department of abuse leveled against them by Jackson.

Despite Jackson’s obvious bruises and probable doctor’s report, attorney general Bill Lockyer has allegedly sided with the police. But, not so fast. More information is coming out surrounding the investigation. It turns out that this investigation was concluded, either purposely or not, without any statements from Jackson or any confirmed information telling his side of the story.

This information was leaked to take attention away from the fact that Sneddon has been caught on tape breaking the gag order—misusing his power by sending letters to people around this “case” in order to keep them off tv defending Jackson; breaking attorney-client privilege; police executing warrantless searches of areas of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch; and unlawful searches of a lawyer’s private investigator’s office. And who knows what else.

The judge, Rodney Melville, already rebuffed Sheriff Jim Anderson’s motion to release the findings of the attorney general. So, how coincidental after he gets spanked by the judge, the alleged findings are suddenly leaked to the press