Sneddon Evasive on Stand, Admonished by Judge– Bullet #180

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Sneddon Evasive on Stand, Admonished by Judge – MJEOL Bullet #180 In reports today, it was reported that Tom Sneddon was admonished by the judge in the Jackson “case” for being evasive and arguing with defense attorney Tom Mesereau on the witness stand.  MJJF On the Scene reporter says Sneddon was actually admonished four times by the judge, who at one point, told Sneddon, “You are no longer an advocate.  You are a witness in these criminal proceedings.”

The judge chastised the embattled prosecutor to stop being argumentative and evasive, and warned him to just answer the questions, “Yes or no will do.”

The MJJF Reporter inside the courthouse also says that many media representatives in the courtroom and in the media overflow room simply didn’t buy Sneddon’s story.  She reports that Sneddon’s behavior was described by many as “petulant, bratty, abrasive and very uncooperative.”

At one point, Sneddon tries to argue with Judge Melville and again the judge had to lay down the law.  After Sneddon tried to tell the judge he wants to explain his view, the judge said: “That is up to your counsel.  Your counsel will question you about this.  Once again, you are not an advocate but a witness.  Stop sparring with Mesereau.”

Much, much more information to come regarding what was discussed including a shocking admission from Sneddon on the witness stand and lame excuses to cover-up shady behavior.

Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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