Katz on Stand: Miller is patient of his, Family Possibly Receiving Money,etc

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In breaking news from today’s (August 17) hearing, it turns out that Brad Miller, the private investigator for then-Jackson attorney Mark Geragos, is (or was) a patient of Stan Katz. Also the accuser’s mother was handed forms to fill out which allowed her to get money from the government as a part of the “Victim’s Compensation Fund”. If you’ll remember, Stan Katz is the man who was brought in by civil lawyer Larry Feldman to talk to the accuser in this “case”. On cross-examination by attorney Brian Oxman, Katz was asked if Brad Miller was a “very special patient” (according to Diane Dimond) of his. Katz refused to answer citing patient-doctor confidentiality. Oxman will challenge that confidentially when court comes back from break because he doesn’t want to ask about any treatments or anything. He simply wants Katz to confirm he knows Miller. Revealed today in court is the fact that during Sneddon’s surveillance trip of Brad Miller’s office, not only did he photograph the building and do other research, he ALSO met with the accuser’s mother in a parking lot. There, he did a photographic line-up, showing her pictures of Miller. He also took material from her and gave her forms to fill out regarding the Victim’s Compensation Fund. Now remember, this is Nov 8 2003. The searches of Jackson’s house and Miller’s office hadn’t even happened yet, nor had Jackson been arrested. So why in the world is he essentially allowing her to receive money BEFORE any arrest or searches were ever made? This is highly suspicious and could be the reason why they don’t have to file a civil suit right now. They could already be receiving money for prolonging this case and cooperating with Sneddon. Also, you can add the Beverly Hills Police Dept. to the list of other governmental agencies whom the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. (SBSD) doesn’t trust. In open court today, a detective for the SBSD was asked why he didn’t call the Beverly Hills police to ask them for verification of who Miller was working for. He reportedly said it was because they simply didn’t trust them. Remember, this current insult comes on the heels of the district attorney insulting the Los Angeles Dept. of Children and Family Services(DCFS) because a finding into these very allegations back in Feb 2003 didn’t go his way. The DCFS found these very allegations against Jackson “unfounded” during their investigation in which they talked to the accuser, his brother and sister, and the mother. In that investigation the mother confirmed that Jackson is never alone with her children. The accuser also confirmed that nothing happened and that Jackson never slept in the same bed as him. Stay tuned for further updates to the official August 17th hearing thread: :check http://forums.mjeol.com/showthread.php?t=585

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