Lies, Evasive Answers and a Squirming D A on Stand– Bullet #181

Lies, Evasive Answers and a Squirming DA on Stand – MJEOL Bullet #181 New information about Sneddon’s testimony reveals questionable antics from the current lead prosecutor in the Michael Jackson “case”. After making excuses so asinine you’d think they were concocted by Scott Peterson, the DA both confused and angered some observers in the courtroom during an August 16 2004 hearing. Sources inside the courtroom say Sneddon appeared peevish, bratty and evasive. He also admitted to defense attorneys and in front of his own prosecution team that he knew private investigator Bradley Miller worked for Mark Geragos, then tried to feign ignorance when it became convenient to do so.

The prosecutor was forced to take the stand to testify about what he did in this matter. It is very unusual for a lead prosecutor, who is also the district attorney, to take the stand in a case he/she is prosecuting. Although not totally unheard of, it is not something judges routinely do. So the mere fact that DA was allowed to be grilled on the stand today by Judge Rodney Melville shows that there are issues the judge would like answers to. Those answers—at least ‘believable’ answers—were in very short supply at the August 16 hearing yesterday.