Astonishing Admissions from Witnesses- Bullet #182 MAJOR UPDATE

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Astonishing Admissions from Prosecution Witness: Accuser’s Stepfather – MJEOL Bullet #182 MAJOR UPDATE

There were real bombshells being dropped in a Santa Maria courthouse today in the Michael Jackson “case”. Jackson’s attorneys have cast an incredibly long shadow of doubt and suspicion over the story(ies) being pushed by prosecutors and the accuser’s family.

Among the bombshells is that sources inside the courtroom report that the familys first civil attorney, William Dickerman, testified to the grand jury that he knew Miller worked for Geragos.

Also among these new details is the admission that the accuser’s stepfather is the one who asked both Jackson and two British journalists for money and other compensation in return for interviews with the family.

It was also revealed in court today that the accuser’s mother was allowed to come and go from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch; even being at the Jackson’s house long after the prosecution is saying a conspiracy around the family began and ended.

And if the preceding wasn’t bad enough, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department at one point had the accuser’s stepfather, Major Jay Jackson, acting as a “confidential agent” and used him to “scope out” private investigator Bradley Miller’s office.


Like the “spinning liar” some have said she is, Court TV’s Diane Dimond neglected to highlight this information and tried to downplay the progress made in court today by Jackson’s defense. Sources inside the courtroom report that Dickerman testified in court today that he didn’t know Miller worked for Mark Geragos. But then Jackson attorney Steve Cochran pulled out the grand jury transcripts where Dickerman testified he knew Miller worked for Geragos.

According to courtroom observers, Cochran made him read aloud his testimony given during the grand jury process. Observers report that Cochran, looking rather annoyed at Dickerman’s repeated denials when he was caught red-handed, said, “Sir, do you content that your grand jury testimony was the truth? Dickerman replied, Yes. Cochran ended, …no further questions.

There were also letters written from Dickerman directly to Miller where he specifically references Mark Geragos. Sources say in one of those memos he wrote to Geragos, he stated, “According to her (accusers mother)…certain people were acting in pursuant to your instructions….” He then confirmed that the “your” in the letter referred to Mark Geragos.

Observers report that even after that admission, he still tried to back-peddle by taying he didn’t want to say that Geragos told Miller to do things. Dickerman was caught in a lie. Either he was lying to the grand jury where he committed perjury or he’s lying on the stand now to the judge. Either way, he’s in this deep. Time will tell whether he was told to deny everything in court today or if he’s really stupid enough to think that no one would pick up on these facts.

AP reporter, and real investigative journalist, Linda Deutsch released articles today talking about what went on in court. She reports that it was the stepfather who “asked for payment” for the participation in doing a video clearing Jackson. Jackson’s people obviously didn’t take the deal because no video was shown to the public. From the stepfather’s testimony:

I said ‘this family has nothing and youre making millions from this and what are you going to do for this little family,‘” the witness said of a conversation he had with someone he identified only as the gentleman from Neverland, a reference to Jacksons ranch. (see Accuser’s Stepfather Wanted Money from Jackson)

What’s more, Jay Jackson also testified that he sought compensation from two British journalists for an interview with the family for upwards of $15,000. This is from the AP report:

The witness testified that he also asked for compensation at some point from a British journalist who came to the familys home to try to interview them after a documentary on Jackson aired on British television.

Two British journalists showed up and I talked to them, the witness said. They said they wanted to do an interview with (his wife) and the children. I said, ‘what are you offering? They said, ‘what do you want? And I said I didnt know.

So this makes two sources that we know of from which the stepfather was trying to broker deals for money around this “case”. For the record, no payment or compensation was ever made to the family for anything. It is the defense’s contention that when they didn’t get anything from Jackson, the allegations magically appeared.

What does this do to the family’s credibility? Legal experts say it knocks down the credibility of all involved by a substantial amount. It’s not a stretch of the imagination by any means to think that once they’d fielded the offers and didn’t get what they wanted, in comes these allegations. We already learned August 17 in court that it was not psychologist Stan Katz who the accuser first told stories of alleged abuse to, but civil attorney Larry Feldman. This is in direct contradiction to what was reported by spinning prosecution sympathizers who claimed that the accuser needed “multiple sessions of therapy” and had to have the allegations “dragged out of him.”

Another stunning moment came when the accuser’s stepfather admitted the accuser’s mother freely came and went to and from Neverland, and was at Jackson’s ranch as late as April 2003. If you remember, the prosecution is claiming conspiracy/abduction/kidnapping/extortion from Feb 1 2003-March 31 2003. This would assume that the accuser’s family “escaped” from Neverland on or about March 31. But from testimony today in open court, the father admitted the family was at Neverland long after that time.

He admitted the accuser’s mother did mention a connection between Miller and Geragos. Sources inside the courtroom say Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau entered into evidence a transcript showing where Miller introduced himself to both the accuser’s mother and stepfather as being an investigator who was working for Mark Geragos. They say both the accuser’s mother and stepfather worked with Geragos and Miller to get their property back.

Courtroom sources also say the defense showed that the stepfather, Jay Jackson, had in his possession a fax FROM Bradley Miller TO Dickerman, which contain a carbon copy (cc:) notification that it also went to Mark Geragos. The stepfather even faxed a copy of this letter to Sgt. Steve Robel of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

According to the stepfather, he called the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department in April 2003 after the family went to Jackson’s ranch because he claims he felt the family was under duress. What became of that call? It’s been reported that they later informed the SBSD that everything was fine. Here’s how the AP reports it:

The man testified that he called the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department in April 2003 after the woman and her children had gone to the ranch. I felt (my wife) and the family might be under duress, the witness testified. But after calling authorities, he said, the family returned and he told deputies everything was fine. After that incident, he said, his wife returned to Neverland. She somehow or another got back there, the witness said.

She “somehow” got back there? Who is he kidding? It’s quite clear how, that given this new information, the conspiracy/abduction/hostage nonsense was never going to fly as an adequate excuse to explain-away why the family exonerated Jackson over and over again. Being a “confidential agent” by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department certainly doesn’t fit with the “hey I didn’t know” story:

He acknowledged that the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department used him as a confidential agent at one point, sending him to scope out the location of Millers office.

In internet language, WTF? Why in the world is the SBSD using him as a “confidential agent” to ALSO do surveillance on Miller’s office? Now we have the district attorney himself doing surveillance on the building AND now we know the stepfather was doing surveillance on behalf of the SBSD. The question is, if the stepfather was doing surveillance on Miller’s office, why would Sneddon have had to do it on Nov 8, ten days before the raid? Remember, Sneddon testified August 16 in court that the police just needed to verify the address of Miller’s office.

Now, why would the police need to verify Millers address if they had already had the stepfather doing surveillance on the building? They would have already had a valid address. So what was Sneddon’s REAL reason for surveilling Miller’s office? What is most baffling is that all of these people are either in contact with, talking to, corresponding with, and/or investigating Miller, and is somehow escapes EVERYBODY’S attention who he was working for??

The story simply isn’t believable. Some observers aren’t buying it either. Attorney Bob Massi appeared on Fox news show The Big Story to discuss the latest developments. Of the stepfather’s denials of knowing Miller was a private investigator, Massi says:

“””…I dont think that we expect him to say anything different. Hes going to protect, whatever way he can, the case. He wants to protect the case on behalf of the DA. So his testimony is going to be tainted. (see BigStory: Bob Massi talks about Stepfather testimony August 19 2004)

Indeed. It seems as if everybody is denying everything, even though they were having all of this contact with Miller. The danger for these ‘deny, deny, deny’ witnesses is that Miller is a private investigator.

Being a private investigator, he’s no novice to recording conversations. So if there are any records, any audio or video of any of these witnesses showing that they knew Miller was Mark Geragos’s PI, the defense will have them committing perjury at trial. The defense also is challenging individual points surrounding the search of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. They showed videotape of police raiding the house. The hearings are supposed to continue tomorrow, August 20. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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