Part1: Dimond Goes into Destroy-Mode w/ Alleged Co-Conspirators- Bullet#186

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Part1: Dimond Goes into Destroy-Mode with Alleged Co-Conspirators – MJEOL Bullet #186 Appearing on Crier Live August 25 2004, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has gone into full ‘destroy alleged co-conspirators’ mode. Her latest jury pool poisoning report for Court TV tries to destroy Marc Schaffel and connect his sordid past with Michael Jackson. But she also crossed the line by trying to use his past to insinuate that Schaffel’s “talents” as a former gay porn producer is the reason why he’s has a connection to Jackson. And she does so without one scintilla of information/evidence/testimony from anyone who even makes that claim.

Sources say that Schaffel had long since left his porn past by the time ex-Jackson employees brought him in to work on a project with Jackson. However, in the first of a three part series, Dimond “investigates” the background of Schaffel and tries to use that to suggest all sorts of things about Jackson.

The people allegedly named in the prosecution’s asinine conspiracy charge is supposed to be the subject of her defamatory Jackson reporting; a conspiracy charge, by the way, which itself was shot down by the accuser’s stepfather’s testimony in court last week proclaiming the family went freely to and returned from Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as late as April 2003.

The venomous report aired today (Aug 25 2004) was full of information—none about Jackson–and aired just in the nick of time too. This looks to be a good sign for the defense because prosecutors wouldn’t call out their big dog to run interference in this way if they were getting cooperation from the prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators”. One has to wonder if Dimond has been given the go-ahead to trash and destroy whatever credibility Schaffel has because he—described as “the weakest link”–still hasn’t “flipped” on Jackson. She may also be trying to do a pre-emptive strike, so to speak, because Schaffel’s information about the scam put together by the accusing family will be used in court by the defense. Someone should inform the tabloid wench that he’s probably not “flipping” on Jackson because neither Jackson nor the other alleged “co-conspirators” have done anything wrong. Some say that this is why she seems to have been given the green-light from her “high placed sources” to drag through the mud every one of the prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators”. Observers of today’s report say that Sneddon and prosecutors may have gotten desperate based on the whipping they received in court last week from Jackson’s defense team. So the last-ditch effort must be to try to link Jackson—at least publicly—with gay, under-aged pornography. Dimond may now be wide open for both a career-ending lawsuit, further humiliation for the years of “baseless” reports from her “sources,” and tactics. Check out this exchange between Dimond and the host of Crier Live, Catherine Crier, taken from the August 25th show:

QUOTE————————————————————— CRIER: Ok, we gotta few seconds left. Why would Michael Jackson keep this guy around? DIMOND: Well, that’s a very good question. And the link seems to be pornography. I don’t know if it’s gay pornography—there’s certainly not the indication that it’s child pornography. I don’t wanna leave that impression. CRIER: Although you’re questioning the ages of the young men in Europe in some of those tapes… DIMOND: Well, yes. And I have talked to some FBI sources that I have and they’ve said, you know, we look at these tapes. They look awfully young, but we know they were made in Budapest. What are we gonna go over, you know, yell into the black forest: Hello? Anybody make a movie with Marc Schaffel? So he makes many of these movies overseas. And it’s hard to prove the ages of the actors. CRIER: Anything other than the video that didn’t sell that shows he has a direct financial link with Jackson? DIMOND: Oh yes, many things. He has done charity events with Michael Jackson. He has done this Digital Playground—well it never took off, but he was trying to sell a Michael Jackson song to be a video game, like a pornography video game. It goes on and on. And it does… CRIER: We get more tomorrow night? DOMOND: Yes. It makes you wonder why Michael Jackson kept him around. Maybe because his big talent was recruiting very young looking men. END QUOTE—————————————————————– (:camera see CrierLive: Dimond trying to Destroy Marc Schaffel Aug 25 2004 )

Is that the dirty stink of desperation we smell? This desperate and vicious effort comes suspiciously after they found out, as did we all, about a number of bombshells from the defense. For example, it was learned in court that not only is Jackson’s Neverland Ranch fully secured, but also Jackson has security surveillance in his enormous personal living quarters (bedroom). Prosecutors asked Jackson Property Manager Joseph Marcus in court last week if Jackson has security cameras in his bedroom and if they were working on the day of the Nov 18 ransacking of Neverland. Marcus confirmed the cameras were up and rolling the day of the police raid. Imagine the heart-attack certain persons must have had when they heard this news? Imagine the accuser’s family being caught on tape having a great ole time at Jackson’s Neverland at a time when they now claimed to have been “held hostage” against their will? Imagine the accusing family caught on tape having free reign of Jackson’s home even when he wasn’t there? Imagine the accuser and his brother being caught on tape, not drunk and not being molested by Jackson after they’d claimed to have been? One has to seriously wonder now if certain people are scared to death they were caught on tape doing something that they had no business doing. After many people have already been locked into ‘under oath’ statements about what happened and/or didn’t happen, wouldn’t it be something to show the citizen’s of Santa Barbara County what their local officials—from the DA’s office to the sheriff’s department—have really been up to? Jackson’s defense team has already said in court, while arguing over prosecution/law enforcement leaks, that they’ve been conducting their own investigation. Tom Mesereau, one of Jackson’s attorneys, called the leaked report done by the Attorney General “propaganda”. Indeed. He also let a bomb drop that I’m sure sent sheriff’s deputies and prosecutors scrambling. As reported by the Santa Barbara News-Press on August 20 2004:

QUOTE————————————————————— “They want the public to think that Mr. Jackson didn’t have bruises, and he did,” Mr. Mesereau said. “That he didn’t seek medical attention, and he did.” He said the defense could “leak the results of our own investigation and what we have found about witness intimidation, obstruction of justice and so forth.” END QUOTE——————————————————– (see Jackson lawyer: State probe ‘a sham’ (Aug 20 2004))

Who knows what the defense is sitting on. Hence, the ever so conveniently timed 3 part series from Dimond. She claimed to have talked to more than 80 people for this report. So, it’s quite clear she didn’t put this together overnight. Sources say she may have been sitting on this information to use it an opportune time; like the week after Jackson’s defense team put the white-hot spotlight on the tall tales being told by the prosecutors, police, and other players in this “case”. Thus, it would beg the question of why now? Dimond has been “reporting” on—or trying to convict (depending on who you listen to) Schaffel for months now. Certainly it isn’t new information that Schaffel has a porn past. A past left behind long before he had any ties to Jackson. So, why is the prosecution’s favorite source so deliberately trying to blatantly make the connection between Jackson and gay, under-aged porn now; an unfounded connection with absolutely no merit, no evidence and which doesn’t exist? Maybe she just found out someone’s been digging into her checkered background with her possibly “shady motel room sources”, some have said. It’s quite clear Dimond has certain connections and past suspicious involvement surrounding Jackson. Let the past be the past? In MJEOL Bullet #54, it was noted that an article from David Bauder of the Associated press revealed Dimond went to Court TV chairman Henry Schleiff months before the police raided Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. According to the report, she told Schleiff she was “working on a great story,” and asked him to foot the bill by committing “money and manpower to help dig it out.” Some found it incredibly strange that she was the sole reporter to break this current story, as well as being the first source for information about an arrest warrant, which no other reporter or news agency could independently verify before District Attorney Tom Sneddon’s first press conference confirming it. It appears rather odd that Dimond would have been the only one privy to such information. Dimond has long been rumored to be a mouthpiece for the prosecution. In fact, it was reported here earlier that many observers have noticed a very close “relationship” between the media—in particular, Dimond—and the current district attorney Sneddon. At one point, some observers even questioned whether or not Dimond, and others, approached this family after the Bashir “documentary” aired in Feb 2003 in hopes they would levy allegations against Jackson. If Dimond was working on this story, and needed money and resources to help her “dig it out,” some have openly wondered what her role is in making it come to fruition. Dimond does have a well-documented history for seeking out alleged “victims” of Michael Jackson. When she was still working with the now defunct tabloid TV show Hard Copy, Dimond was chasing a story that completely blew up in her face. Some time after the 1993 allegations, there was a “street kid” in Canada claiming to have been “molested” by Michael Jackson. Instead of going to the police, his alleged guardian wrote a letter to Diane Dimond. Dimond flew all the way to Toronto to get this kid’s very elaborate and highly researched story. Like the family now, he too claimed he only wanted “justice.” Dimond, of course, took the bait, got his “confessions” on camera, and took him to the authorities so he could “tell his story.” As it turned out, the kid was being fed very detailed lies from a Jackson-obsessed nut named Rodney Allen, who felt it was his mission to make Michael Jackson “pay” for some imagined wrong done to him. Rodney Allen, the “guardian” writing the letters to Hard Copy and Dimond, admitted on camera he fed the information to the child and made the kid lie over and over again to both Dimond and the authorities at first. After the kid was questioned for hours by the police—including police outside of the Santa Barbara sheriff’s deputies–he finally admitted he lied about the entire situation from beginning to end. It could have turned into another scandalous scam akin to this current one:

QUOTE————————————————————— (begin videotape) Diane Dimond, Hard Copy: I care about this one kid who gave me all sorts of information about Neverland, about Havenhurst, about Disneyland, about Michael Jackson’s body. Where did he get all that information? Allen: He got it from me. Dimond: You planted all this stuff in this kid’s head? Allen: I didn’t plant it in his head. He was asking questions. I answered them the best I can. I told him what I could tell him about the place because I want Michael to face it. Dimond: So this kid is an A-1, number one liar? Allen: Professional. (end videotape) Dimond voiceover: The whole story was a scam. A Toronto street kid meets a man obsessed with the Michael Jackson case, and the results could have been an international scandal. Meanwhile, back at the police station the boy finally broke down. He admitted that he and Rodney Allen had made up the whole story. (begin videotape) Dimond: The young boy was lying? Det. Darryl Campbell: That’s my belief. And as a result of that, he was charged, yes. Dimond: Can you tell us what he was charged with? Campbell: Public mischief. (end videotape) Dimond: Well the boy is still in custody tonight. And police continue their investigation of Mr. Rodney Allen. END QUOTE———————————————————–

In an effort to save face, Dimond pretended to be a victim in the entire scam when she turned in her report to Hard Copy. You can view the video of the entire Hard Copy story for yourself here: :check or here at MJEOL: :check So it seems she may definitely be up to her eyeballs in both this “case” and possibly the 1993 “case”, as she’s admitted to knowing all about the 1993 accuser. So what does all of this mean? It may mean that both the public and Jackson’s defense team should look at the peculiar coincidences surrounding Dimond’s involvement with these allegations of abuse, if they haven’t already done so. And while Dimond is digging up the past of others, maybe she should be more worried about her past connections. What’s more, she even got a shout-out from ole Tom Sneddon himself during his first joking and unprofessional press conference when asked a very serious question:

QUOTE————————————————————— SNEDDON: Are you aware of other civil cases that have been handled outside of the media since 1993 that were kept quiet? ANDERSON: Not to my knowledge. QUESTION: Really? ANDERSON: Yes. SNEDDON: Well, I am. QUESTION: How many? SNEDDON: Ask Diane, she knows everything about Michael Jackson. [LAUGHTER] END QUOTE————————————————————–

A ridiculous answer to a serious question. The ‘Diane’ he was referring to, by her first name no less, was former Hard Copy tabloid reporter Dimond. First, there are no other civil cases settled by Jackson. And second, she would have no knowledge of the question asked. So why the cozy relationship? We may come to find out soon. Maybe the defense now knows where all the numerous bodies are buried with regards to the people investigating and prosecuting this non-existent “case” against Jackson? Maybe that’s what has all of them in a tizzy trying to bash the un-flipped and non-cooperating alleged “co-conspirators”? The clock may be ticking on the time it takes for that information to find its way into the hands of some enterprising reporter(s) looking to break news about the corruption in certain governmental agencies. Undoubtedly, there is a tangled web of players involved in this so-called “case”. That tangled web includes Dimond and a number of familiar faces that we’ve all become accustomed to. To steal a emoticon from the local Jackson forum: [img][/img] Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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