Telephonic Search warrant issued by Judge Thomas Adams

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Participants: A: Judge Thomas Adams (Santa Barbara Judge) F: Gerald Franklin (District Attorney’s office) R: Seargeant Steve Robel (Sheriff’s office) Date of transcription November 20, 2003 Telephonic search warrant 03-5670 884689B A: I’m back F: Yes, Judge Adams? A: Yeah F: Gerry Franklin, District Attorney’s office A: Yeah F: Um, I’m here with (blank) at Neverland, with uh, sheriff Detective Paul Zelis. R: No no Steve Robel Sergeant. F: Steve Robel. I beg your pardon. A: Yes F: We are seeking an additional search warrant for a (blank). First of all, can I have you, uh, swear Sergeant Robel please? A: Yes, Sergeant Steve Robel, if you’ll raise your right hand do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? R: Yes I do Judge. A: Thank you Sergeant. Why don’t you go ahead and……? F: Thank you Judge. Um, Judge, uh, or Sergeant Robel, are you uh, seeking authority to make search of a particular storage locker? R: Uh, yes I am. F: Will you describe that please to the Judge? The location? R: The location, Judge is uh, (blank) F: Uh, Sergeant Robel, what is it you hope to find there if you are authorized to search? R: Uh, the records that, regarding Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions, or any individual or entity shown on the face of the documents to be associated with Michael Jackson, letters, memoranda, invoices and billings. F: These are records (blank) are they? R: Yes they are. F: Uh huh. R: Records that we had failed to find in our initial search of his office. F: Okay, continuing then, these are records that you were saying Michael Jackson or MJJ Productions? R: Invoices, billings, and canceled checks. Also, we’d like to search for computers, printers, and computer media and software and data including, but not limited to hard diskes, floppy disks, tapes, removable media, opticals, CD ROMS media, documentation, or other materials describing the operations of any computer hardware, software and/or computer periherals found at the premisis, including instructions on how to access discs, files or other materials stored within same including but not limited to computer manuals, printers, passwords, file name lists, “read me”, and/or help files. F: Alright, uh and what is it that makes you believe there is materials uh, first of all, let me ask, uh, uh, you are aware that a search warrant was sought and approved by Judge Adams, by your colege Paul Zelis? R: Yes I am. F: Uh, are you familiar with the contents of the affidavit in support of the warrant? R: Yes I am, I have read it in full. F: And do you ask the Judge incorporate the showing of probable cause in Detective Zelis submission to the Judge in writing yesterday? R: Yes I do. F: And Judge will you incorporate that by reference in your consideration of probable cause to search the (blanK) today? A: I will so incorporate. F: Thank you. Um, and briefly, why is it that you believe that you might find this material much of which was described in the earlier search warrant in this. R: Because I have spoken to the Sergeant in charge down there. During the search they were not able to find any of the items listed in the initial search warrant for his office and during their search found paper work indicating that (blank) possess a (blank) at the pre- mentioned location and we strongly feel that those items may be stored there. F: And uh, did you go, did one or more of the officers present go to the address that you have given to Judge Adams? R: Yes they did. F: And were they able to confirm to your knowledge the existence of a (blank). R: Yes they did. F: And uh, it is the (blank) that you described? R: That is correct. F: I have no further questions. A: Uh, I have a question. Do you know Sergeant Robel, that uh, there was mention made of another (blank) uh, that you are asking by way of this addendum. Uh, only to uh, find cause for uh, enforcement to search. F: Yes R: (blank) R: Yes your Honor. A: Okay, so I am going to make a finding of probable cause, uh I uh, Mr Franklin you said I was incorporating this into the uh, affidavit and declaration that I had the opporunity to review last evening, and so based upon all of that information, I am finding that there is probable cause and authorizing the search of (blank) F: Uh, would you further authorize the investigating officers down there to photograph or video tape the interior and exterior of that (blank) and photo document any personal property that they observe in the course of their search? A: Yes, I so authorize. F: Thank you Your Honor. A: Okay, uh, Sergeant, I’ll be at the um, let me give you this other number just in case because I’ll be there all day and all night and all tomorow, (blank) in the event that you get any update, code 805. R: Very good. I appreciate it your Honor. A: Okay, thanks gentlemen, bye bye To read these search/arrest warrant documents, click on link below, then scroll down to: The Seach Warrant and Related Documents: a .pdf file, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Source:

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