BET Yanking Disgusting video from Eminem

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BET (Black Entertainment Television) is yanking the hideous and disgustingly disrespectful video by M&M (with his candy-ass). In breaking news tonight on the Geraldo Rivera show, Rivera says that Robert Johnson (BET) called the video “inappropriate and offensive”. Jackson says of the video, “I have respected Eminem as an artist, but this is too much. I am shocked and very angry. A spoof is one thing. This is demeaning and disrespectful.” The garbage–video and song–has been lambasted by a number of people already. Some calling it “the sorriest piece of crap” they’ve ever seen. Quite frankly, the video and song seem like an incredibly lazy and idiotic attempt at creating controversy for attention. He would have gotten attention any other way. :camera BET Yanking Trash from Eminem