Keep the Faith – Lyric Quote

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Keep the Faith ……. I’ll show my brotha how to do the thing right, Lift up your head and show the world you got pride, Go for what you want, don’t let ’em get in your way, You can be a winner if you keep the faith. Straighten out yourself and get your mind on track, Dust off your butt and get your self-respect back, You’ve known me long enough to know that I don’t play. Take it like you want it, but you got to keep the faith, gon’ Don’t let nobody take you down. Just keep your eyes on the prize and get your feet back on the ground. Keep the faith, baby yea, Because it’s just a matter of time before your confidence will win out- But till that day, I said you’ve got to keep the faith. from the song “Keep the Faith”, the Dangerous album

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