New Revelations Brought out in Court Nov 4 2004

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Incredible new details were brought out in court at a hearing today (November 4 2004) in the Michael Jackson “case”. Among them are new details about DNA tests done. Jackson lawyer Tom Mesereau revealed that there was NO DNA from the accuser found anywhere on Jackson’s mattress. We also learned from the court proceeding today that the mother deposited her welfare checks in her new husband’s account. Her husband makes $80,000 a year. The defense brought this out in an effort to show that police and prosecutors had no interest in fully investigating the people making these claims. An except from the latest Santa Barbara News-Press article provides more details of these new revelations:

[b]Mr. Mesereau told the court that the accuser’s DNA was not found on Mr. Jackson’s mattress seized during the Neverland raid. If the forensic tests had been positive, prosecutors would have had a physical link to the allegations. It was also revealed that Mr. Sneddon had traveled to Australia in search of other alleged victims of Mr. Jackson and that an alleged victim from the 1993 case had been interviewed in 1999 by a sheriff’s detective. Mr. Mesereau also said that the accuser’s mother deposited her welfare checks into the account of her husband — who makes more than $80,000 per year. He was attempting to show that prosecutors had failed to look into her background and question her credibility. Mr. Mesereau indicated that he plans to call Mr. Sneddon as a witness at trial because the prosecutor questioned the accuser’s mother in Los Angeles without an investigator present.[/b]

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