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[b]Jackson Accuser Accused[/b] November 11, 2004 Hope Horne, of Pineville, Louisiana, spoke exclusively to “Celebrity Justice.” She says Joseph Thomas Bartucci, Jr., is her ex-boyfriend and claims that long before Bartucci filed a lawsuit accusing Michael Jackson of graphic sexual molestation, she knew he was planning to do it. “When I was watching ‘Celebrity Justice,’ I was just shocked,” Horne said. “I couldn’t believe he went through with it. He told me a couple of months before that he was going to sue Mr. Jackson, and I told him he was full of it. I am speaking out because I don’t want to see this con man ruin a person who already has enough on his plate.” “CJ” has learned that Bartucci filed another suit in 2001, accusing a Louisiana reverend of sexual molestation, claiming the minister “demanded that the plaintiff’s masturbation was necessary in order to purify and avoid going to hell.” Attorneys for both sides say that the suit settled out of court with the terms confidential. Bartucci’s lawyer on that case told “CJ” that his client seemed truthful, but the reverend’s lawyer said it was a totally meritless suit that devastated the minister and his family. “I’m angry that he’s doing this,” Hope said. “I feel hurt that he’s doing this and glad that maybe I’ll see justice served. He’s a total con artist and a liar.” Hope says she’s surprised that Bartucci is also facing a civil suit, in which a woman claims he used “fraudulent conduct” and “obtained title” to her insurance policy. That woman’s lawyer claims Bartucci faked a convulsion during a deposition, about which Hope said, “It does not shock me at all.” As for the Jackson case, Bartucci claims the abuse happened in 1984 when he was 18 and he repressed the memory of it until 2003 when he saw a Court TV episode and then decided to sue. So what’s Hope’s theory on why Bartucci is accusing Jackson of sexual assault, cutting him with a razor blade and puncturing his chest with steel wire? “He’s trying to get a quick buck,” Hope said. “He thinks Michael Jackson will pay him off and shut him up.” We tried, but couldn’t find Mr. Bartucci for comment on all this. We also repeatedly called the attorney representing Bartucci on the Jackson suit, but could get a hold of him. Source: http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/news/0411/11a.html Watch the video of this report on CJ: [url=http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/video/quicktime.html?v=jacko1111&n=Jackson%20Accuser%20Accused]http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/[/url]

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