Jackson Louisiana ‘Accuser’ Arrested for Stalking in 1996

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[b]New Jackson Accuser’s Stalk Rap[/b] Alleged victim pleaded to harassment of Louisiana woman NOVEMBER 10—Meet Joseph Thomas Bartucci, Jr. He’s the Louisiana guy who last week sued Michael Jackson over an alleged sexual assault dating back to May 1984 (Bartucci claims the memory of that decades-old attack had been repressed until recently). While we doubt his case will last long in the federal system, in case he ever does make it to the stand, he’ll probably be asked to recall the details of his 1996 arrest for stalking a woman in Rapides Parish. According to court records, Bartucci took a plea to a reduced count of harassment and was fined, sentenced to probation, and hit with a 90-day suspended jail term. Bartucci is pictured below in a mug shot snapped by sheriff’s deputies. (4 pages) Source: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/1110043mjla1.html

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