Ex Jackson Leech Sues Just in Time for Boxset Release – MB #222

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Ex Jackson Leech Sues Just in Time for Boxset Release – MJEOL Bullet #222 An ex-employee, thrown from the Jackson gravy train months ago, is now suing Jackson for $3M according to ABC News. This lawsuit comes just in time because Jackson’s boxset was released today (Nov 16 2004). Well what’s a Jackson CD release without some loser trying to negatively affect his life…just for good measure? If you remember, Jackson’s Neverland Ranch “just so happened” to be raided on the same day Jackson’s Number Ones CD was released last year (Nov 18 2003). Now almost a year later, another CD release and a defamatory lawsuit. What a coincidence, huh? Porn producer, and probably a Fox 411 “source”, Marc Schaffel claims he has been stiffed by Jackson. Oddly enough (or maybe not), Schaffel and others who have sued Jackson and have been unsuccessful only seem to do so once their access to him—his fame, and the ability to broker secret side-deals on his behalf without him ever knowing it—have been cut off. Schaffel has complained that neither he nor ex-spokesman Stuart Backerman have had access to Jackson. Those two, thick as thieves, are also trying to sell a “tell all” book about Jackson. Surprise, surprise. The ABC article seems thrown together to go to press today. Wonder why? Not. According to the report, the allegations include fantastical stories of drug abuse, and of Schaffel being Jackson’s personal bank. This sent up red flags with some observers who just heard the news, with most of them immediately questioning Schaffel’s motives. Questions come to mind such as the timing of this soon-to-be-filed lawsuit, and the logic of suing someone who you claim is “broke” in your lawsuit. This may come as irony to those who have sued Schaffel in the past for lack of payment to them. Some have publicly and reportedly claimed that Schaffel is thousands of dollars in debt to them. There may also be people researching Schaffel’s background–and his Court TV alleged several different social security numbers–who themselves claimed to have been taken by Schaffel. The source of these “broke” rumors seem to have a name now. Court watchers have claimed that Schaffel was one source of those rumors which manifest themselves in the form of “news” from various reporters who have been alleging for at least 4 or 5 years now that Jackson is “on the verge of bankruptcy” and “about to sell the his half of the Sony/ATV catalog” or “trying to sell Neverland”. Those with better memories will note that Jackson has been supposedly going broke for the past 10 years now. None of these rumors have come to fruition. Strangely enough, it was tabloid reporter Diane Dimond who tried to destroy Schaffel’s credibility in one of her Court TV “specials” broadcast earlier this year. In it, she seems to insinuate a link between Schaffel’s porn past and Jackson. A non-existent link. She also claimed all sorts of things, like Shaffel was being investigated by the FBI, that he has stiffed a number of people in the past, that he used what appeared to be under-aged men in his porn movies, and that he has several different social security numbers. From this list of complaints, if true, it would seem that Jackson should be the one suing him! Geez. Sources say Schaffel successfully duped Jackson for a number of years, convincing him that everything was peachy and that he could be trusted. However, it’s looking as if that past came back to bite Schaffel in relation to Jackson. There were reports of Schaffel and other employees (former and current at the time) brokering deals for money on Jackson’s behalf that Jackson knew nothing about. Those reports have yet to be proven. Whenever Jackson cuts off the money, fame and closeness to him, ex-employees seem to act like they’re coming off crack, with some leveling allegations that don’t hold up under scrutiny while others file frivolous lawsuits. It’s especially curious as to why Schaffel, after almost whining that Jackson’s defense team hasn’t so much as contacted him about the alleged molestation “case” just weeks ago, would file a lawsuit full of allegations himself. Other theorists have hypothesized that maybe there are various reasons for Schaffel filing or threatening to file a lawsuit against Jackson. Schaffel’s home was raided by police in connection with the Jackson “case” much earlier this year. He is also allegedly one of the prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators.” Some prosecution-sympathizers are already asking whether or not Schaffel is in league with the prosecution. But some case observers say not so fast. One case observer makes the point that by filing this lawsuit, Schaffel will all but guarantee that prosecutors wouldn’t want to go within 1000ft of him, let alone try to use him as a witness against Jackson for any reason. His current money motive and his shady past will definitely be a topic of questions from the defense. This theory may or may not have any truth to it, but the timing alone is curious. And most think that if this lawsuit was an attempt to “scare” Jackson for whatever reason, it may backfire. This temper-tantrum may actually give Jackson a reason to slice off any connection to Schaffel once and for all. It may also give him a clearer picture of those around him, or use to be around him, whom he cannot trust. Stay tuned for further updates. -MJEOL

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