Aaron Carter Bashes Mom, Defends [Jackson]

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[b] Aaron Carter Bashes Mom, Defends [Jackson][/b] Wednesday Nov 17, 2004 4:40pm EST By Steve Helling and Marisa Wong CREDIT: BEN VAN HOOK Teen pop star Aaron Carter is speaking out to PEOPLE about his troubled relationship with his mother and sister – and about his friendship with Michael Jackson. After Carter’s mother Jane told “Access Hollywood” that her son had spent an unsupervised night with Jackson at his Neverland Ranch, and Carter’s sister Leslie, 18, implied that drug use may have been involved, Carter told PEOPLE: “I don’t do drugs. I didn’t do them with Michael Jackson and I don’t do them with anyone else.” Carter, 16, had a lot more to say in a frank discussion. On his mother and sister: “I really don’t like being around them. All I hear is ‘You need to go on television and make me look better.’ I just think, ‘Just be my mother, just be my sister.’ It’s all about money and publicity for them. My last word to (my mother) is that she’s the adult, not me. But it seems to be switched around. On his playdate at Neverland with Jackson, who has been charged with child molestation: “Michael and I have been friends for three years. I went to Neverland for his (45th) birthday bash. We were smashing cake in each other’s faces. It was really cool. Until 5 a.m., me, him and Chris Tucker were out on four-wheelers, riding around in the mountains. Nothing happened between me and Michael. We didn’t sleep in the same room, we didn’t share a bed. We have a normal friendship. There’s nothing sexual to it.” On single life after dating Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff: “My career is my girlfriend. I don’t consider myself with anybody, but I’ve been seeing a couple of people. There was a Hawaiian Tropic model I was seeing named Monique. She’s really cool. We’re just friends now.” On women he’s attracted to: “I’m not going to tell you, ‘Oh, looks don’t matter.’ If you don’t look good, get away from me!” On his next career move: “My sound is definitely changing (for an upcoming album). It is going to have more of an R&B vibe with some rock. It’s influenced by Craig David, Usher and Justin Timberlake.” Meanwhile, Carter’s mother Jane stands by her decision to go on television and question the night her son spent with Jackson. “I told the truth,” she says. “I don’t know what happened at Michael Jackson’s house, but I was concerned like any parent would be.” Jane does admit to a rift between mother and son: “I don’t have a regular phone number for him, I don’t see him like I would like to.” But she hopes to work things out. “I will say that I love Aaron with all my heart,” says Jane, 45. “I want to be a loving mother to him. I am on his side. I want what’s best for him. I know that he may not believe it at this moment, but it is true. I would do anything for him.” Aaron says that there is a fairly easy way to end their family squabble. “I would forgive my mom,” he says, “but she’s going to have to admit she did some things that were wrong.” Source: People Magazine

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