Judge Denies Motion to Obliterate Teal Order; Grants Request for Transcripts

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Judge Denies Prosecution Motion to Obliterate the Teal Order; Grants Defense Request for Grand Jury Selection Transcripts The judge in the Michael Jackson “case” has denied prosecutors the right to force defense attorneys to clear each and every subpoena with the court and to reveal defense strategy in the process. He also granted the defense request to released grand jury transcripts of the grand jury selection process. If you remember, the prosecution filed a hail Mary motion asking the court to make the defense defend every subpoena they will issue and have issued with regard to this “case”; in other words, to modify (obliterate) the defense’s Teal motion. The judge didn’t go that far, although he did clarify for those involved that if the defense want further records, they will have to notify the persons involved and give them 5 days to protest the subpoena in court if they so choose. This was really a non-issue, unlike what certain reports have said earlier. This Teal motion virtually stays the same as the defense can subpoena records and the subject of those subpoenas can ask for them to be “quashed” even before today’s clarification. There is already at least one quash request on the record, which was denied by Melville. So the defense did get that requested info anyway. Melville denied the defense’s access to independent psychological examinations of the accusing family. All of them are making claims against Jackson: the mother is saying she suffered an injury, was held captive at Neverland, and god knows what else; the accuser is claiming molestation; and the brother and sister are claiming abduction/kidnapping/alcohol. Therefore they are all subject to the request. While the judge was very dismissive of attorney Brian Oxman who requested these independent psychologist tests, this was far from the “devastating blow” being sensationalized by certain news agencies. Some observers say that this isn’t the last we may hear of these requested psychological tests. Certain case observers have said that prosecutors are already claiming they won’t call psychologist Stanley Katz to testify in the case. He’s the “expert” that examined the accuser. So there’s no way the defense could or should be barred from this pertinent psychological information for their defense. Courtroom observers inside the courthouse today say that Melville granted the defense’s motion to release the grand jury selection transcripts just as long as the names of said jurors’ were redacted from the documents. Also big news concerning Larry Feldman: he is no longer representing the accusing family in this “case”. The speculation is already running rampant as to why Feldman is off the case. What is known is that Feldman has already testified in front of the grand jury, so he will more than likely be a witnesses subject to cross-examination at some point in this “case”. The mother’s new attorney, along with the defense and, curiously, the accuser’s biological father (via telephone) all met with the judge in chambers without the public or prosecutors being privy to what was discussed. Stay tuned for more breaking news. -MJEOL

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