Larry Feldman Jumps Ship?

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Larry Feldman Jumps Ship? The civil attorney, Larry Feldman, for the accusing family in the Michael Jackson “case” is no longer representing the accusing family. This came out today (Nov 29 2004) in a court hearing. The mother has a new attorney, which will be meeting with the defense, the accuser’s biological father (via telephone) and the judge in chambers at a 3:00PM PST meeting today. The speculation has already started to fly as to why Feldman is no longer representing them. It may be because Feldman has been subpoenaed in the case. Or it could be because of the incredibly damaging information that came outÂ…by accidentÂ…in attorney Brian Oxman’s declaration in Opposition to the prosecution’s motion to modify the Teal order. Stay tuned to MJEOL for further updates:

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