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[b]Sheriffs Search Jackson Estate[/b] December 3, 2004 The raid conducted by sheriffs on embattled pop star Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch Friday morning remains shrouded in secrecy, but “Celebrity Justice” has learned information about what the authorities may have been after. “CJ” has been told that Michael Jackson was present at the beginning of the raid but left. There are news reports that authorities took a swab of Jackson’s mouth to gather some kind of DNA evidence, though Jackson’s people deny it. There are also reports that authorities were there to take the mattress, part of which was seized a year ago, when a small portion was actually cut from it. “CJ” was told that Michael Jackson and his people saved that mattress, as they did all of the evidence for the trial, so it is possible the mattress was in fact seized today. The timing is critical in this raid, because Monday is a deadline for prosecutors in the case to turn over all of their evidence to the defense — any they don’t may not be admissible in the trial. For this reason, the raid may have been a last-ditch effort by authorities to get whatever evidence they could because, “CJ’s” been told, so far there is no “smoking DNA gun” against Michael Jackson. Source:

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