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[b] Former Jackson Assistant Speaks Out[/b] UPDATED: 11:29 AM PST December 10, 2004 Access Hollywood Ameila Patterson A week ago, Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch was raided for a second time since the child molestation investigation began last year. During the raid, officials took measurements of his bedroom, as well as a DNA sample. But according to Court TV’s Diane Dimond, this investigation is not the first of its kind for the King of Pop. “I think this is a clear indication that the state is going to keep investigating right up until the moment of the trial, maybe even during the trial,” Dimond told Access Hollywood. Dimond said that means last week’s raid may not be the last. And now, new revelations have surfaced from Amelia Patterson, a former Jackson family assistant, who told Access’ special correspondent Daphne Barak that she was at the Jackson family home in Encino, California when the police raided back in 1993 — the first time Michael faced child molestation allegations, but was never charged. “They came with their guns drawn, because we had armed security,” Amelia told Daphne. Patterson even witnessed first-hand the authorities’ search of Michael’s bedroom. [b] “There was this safe that no one could open. They had a locksmith come — all these different people trying to open up this safe. It took them the whole day to try to get it open,” she revealed. “But the funny thing about it, was when they get it open, the only thing they found was the directions on how to open up the safe.”[/b] Source:

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