[b]Oxman Did Not Violate Gag Order, Judge Refuses to Hold Attorney in Contempt[/b] Apparently the judge in the Jackson “case” has refused to grant prosecutor’s request to hold defense attorney Brian Oxman in contempt of court. Prosecutors sought to hold the attorney in violation of the gag order. Reportedly, Oxman says that he was both misquoted and that the writer of the NY Post article, the catalyst of this “contempt” order, made up quotes from Oxman in a published article. According to courtroom observers, Oxman presented the judge with an affidavit, the contents of which are still unknown. After the judge read it, he apparently dismissed the contempt charge leveled against Oxman by prosecutors. More details and updates will be made as soon as more info becomes available. In the meantime, click over to the MJEOL FORUMS for the latest info regarding the hearing today (Dec 20 2004). -MJEOL

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