Investigation Clears Jackson as Accuser’s Story Changes – MB #233

Investigation Clears Jackson as Accuser’s Story Changes – MJEOL Bullet #233 A look back at what the accusing family was doing at the time they now claim to have been “held hostage” at Neverland In MJEOL Bullet #232, some of the latest information around the Michael Jackson “case” was highlighted. The “case” is ripe with inconsistencies from the accusing family, and some highly damaging material that may make this “case” non-existent before too long. Aside from the huffing and puffing from current DA Tom Sneddon, the prosecution’s “case” may be shored up by rank speculation from the likes of defeated and fired ex-employees. But the questions permeating this “case” won’t go away by simply speculating or thinking up another lie to cover-up the original one. For those who have been living under a rock, Jackson is accused of first conspiring against a family, then kidnapping them, then allegedly molesting the accuser, and then conspiring some more. He’s also accused of plying the recovering cancer patient (possibly on medication) with wine and at some point showing the allegedly passed-out teenager heterosexual porn. Yeah sure. Uh huh. That makes sense. The new conspiracy charge originated to cover-up the fact that they had already exonerated Jackson numerous times during the time when they now claim they were abducted/kidnapped/molested. Remember, Jackson wasn’t originally charged with conspiring nor was there even talk of prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators.” None of these alleged “co-conspirators” have been arrested, indicted or charged as of this writing, by the way. Through court docs and published reports, the public has become aware of a number of things wrong with the prosecution’s set of events. This may be why there is renewed interest in the prosecution wanting to fall back on the speculation from the 1993 investigation.