Investigation Clears Jackson as Accuser’s Story Changes – MB #233

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Investigation Clears Jackson as Accuser’s Story Changes – MJEOL Bullet #233 A look back at what the accusing family was doing at the time they now claim to have been “held hostage” at Neverland In MJEOL Bullet #232, some of the latest information around the Michael Jackson “case” was highlighted. The “case” is ripe with inconsistencies from the accusing family, and some highly damaging material that may make this “case” non-existent before too long. Aside from the huffing and puffing from current DA Tom Sneddon, the prosecution’s “case” may be shored up by rank speculation from the likes of defeated and fired ex-employees. But the questions permeating this “case” won’t go away by simply speculating or thinking up another lie to cover-up the original one. For those who have been living under a rock, Jackson is accused of first conspiring against a family, then kidnapping them, then allegedly molesting the accuser, and then conspiring some more. He’s also accused of plying the recovering cancer patient (possibly on medication) with wine and at some point showing the allegedly passed-out teenager heterosexual porn. Yeah sure. Uh huh. That makes sense. The new conspiracy charge originated to cover-up the fact that they had already exonerated Jackson numerous times during the time when they now claim they were abducted/kidnapped/molested. Remember, Jackson wasn’t originally charged with conspiring nor was there even talk of prosecution-alleged “co-conspirators.” None of these alleged “co-conspirators” have been arrested, indicted or charged as of this writing, by the way. Through court docs and published reports, the public has become aware of a number of things wrong with the prosecution’s set of events. This may be why there is renewed interest in the prosecution wanting to fall back on the speculation from the 1993 investigation. __Previous DCFS Investigation__ During a previous investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services(LADCFS)–sparked by a “concerned citizen” who watched the Bashir so-called “documentary”–the mother and kids had nothing but wonderful things to say about Jackson. This independent investigation began February 14 2003, after the alleged abduction began. Now, what high-profile kidnappers do you know that would voluntarily allow their hostages to be individually sequestered and interviewed by an independent government agency? That’s ridiculous. Their interviews were condensed into a summary memo for Bureau Chief Charles Sophy. The memo was then leaked to the media like so many other things that were already leaked, like the 1993 accuser’s affidavit. For the record, the accusing family’s former attorney, Larry Feldman, filed a claim this year against the LADCFS for leaking the damning summary memo. He, however, didn’t file such a claim against them for leaking the 1993 accuser’s affidavit. I wonder why… Getting back to the LADCFS investigation, the mother told investigators that she believes the media took the Bashir interview, with Jackson and her son, out of context. She also said Jackson was “like a father to the children and a part of her family.” More from the report:

As per the sexual abuse allegations, the mother stated that her children are never left alone with the entertainer. She further stated that her son has slept in the same room as the entertainer but they did not share a bed. The entertainer would sleep on the floor. (see DCFS Memo Clearing Jackson of Abuse Allegation)

As for Jackson never being alone with the accuser, this was confirmed by Jackson’s then-attorney Mark Geragos during the CBS 60 Minutes interview done in December 2003. He told Ed Bradley in that interview about what happened. From the transcript:

MARK GERAGOS: They were, at all times during that February 7 to March 10 period of time, whenever Michael was there, there was always a third party around. Always. (see Jackson 60 Minutes Interview Transcript)

So it seems as if she told the truth to the DCFS the first time. She also confirmed that her kid has never slept in the same bed as Jackson. This was confirmed by the accuser himself during that Bashir “mockumentary” when he described what Jackson slept on while on the floor. Both the accuser, his brother and sister were all interviewed separately by the DCFS workers. The accuser “denied any form of sexual abuse.” He also told DCFS that he had never slept in the same bed with Jackson. From the DCFS report:

The child, ________, was interviewed by the CSW as to the allegations and he denied any form of sexual abuse. He denied that he ever slept in the same bed as the entertainer. The child [accuser’s bother], also denied sexual abuse. Both children expressed a fondness for the entertainer and stated they enjoyed visiting his home, whether they would often ride in the part, play video games, and watch movies. (see DCFS Memo Clearing Jackson of Abuse Allegation)

Not one mention of being held hostage or threatened…or being conspired against…or being shown porn…or being given alcohol…or anything else untoward. They were finally away from under the big, bad Jackson people and they didn’t so much as mention this?? Surely that can’t be, can it? The sister was also interviewed by the DCFS as well. She told them that she accompanied her brother to Neverland during the times when they would stay overnight at the ranch. According to the summary memo:

She stated that she had accompanied her brothers on sleepovers at the entertainers home and had never seen anything sexually inappropriate between her brothers and the entertainer. (see DCFS Memo Clearing Jackson of Abuse Allegation)

If the accuser and his brother weren’t talking, surely, the older sister would have said something, right? Right?? Maybe she didn’t because there was nothing to tell. They certainly didn’t have a problem telling the DCFS about previous alleged abuse concerning their own biological father. That, too, is mentioned in the summary memo around the Jackson “case”. Concerning that previous run-in with DCFS, the memo states:

This family had one prior child abuse referral investigated by our Department in October 2001 as a result of allegations of domestic violence between Mother and Father. These allegations proved to be substantiated. The children and the mother admitted to physical violence perpetrated by the father. (see DCFS Memo Clearing Jackson of Abuse Allegation)

They did not hesitate to admit to being allegedly “abused” by their own biological father. This isn’t a family that had no prior experience with reporting “abuse” allegations. So why didn’t they do the same in February 2003? These different tales show them to be lying about key issues. And these are all coming out of their own mouths. One wouldn’t have to rely on testimony from Jackson in order to see that there were blaring inconsistent statements caught on tape, video, sworn affidavits, and recorded by an independent governmental agency. As mentioned in MJEOL Bullet #218, and as reported in a Santa Barbara News-Press article (Jackson’s lawyers to get papers by Dec. 6), Jackson attorney Susan Yu lit into the different tales the accusing family told at different times. From the report:

“The chronologies are critical to the defense because the dates of the alleged molestation in the original complaint (in December) are different from the dates in the indictment (in April 1),” Ms. Yu said. “These dates are different because the (accuser’s) family changed their story. They changed their story because they are not telling the truth.” The discrepancies in the dates “goes to the credibility” of the accuser’s family shows “inconsistencies in their stories and could determine the outcome of this case,” Ms. Yu argued. “This shows the (accuser’s) family lied, that this case has been set up and that Mr. Jackson is innocent.”

So, on top of these discrepancies, may be inconsistencies between what the accusing family first told police and what they told the grand jury. Also from that November 9 2004 Santa Barbara News-Press article came word that the Santa Barbara Child Services may have also investigated these allegations. Yu wanted access to these documents. The article states:

Susan Yu, defense co-counsel, emphasized during the pre-trial hearing that the defense team is particularly interested in reports from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties’ child protective services because they provide a chronology of the alleged incidents of abuse. Judge Melville indicated that if the prosecution has a chronology that could exonerate Mr. Jackson, it should be turned over to the defense. (see Jackson’s lawyers to get papers by Dec. 6 (Nov 9 2004))

Did that investigation done by the Santa Barbara CPS also clear Jackson of these molestation allegations? IF so, when was the investigation done? Further, are prosecutors ignoring exonerating information because they want Jackson to be guilty? The more concrete information that comes out, the more it’s appears as if prosecutors are going to prosecute Jackson as long as there are people feeding them lies…however much their tales conflict, change, or sound ridiculous. __What’s the first thing you do after escaping from kidnappers? Hire a civil attorney of course!__ More inexplicable behavior came after March 12 2003, the last date of the prosecution’s timeline. When they… “escaped” from Neverland, they didn’t contact the police and press charges. They didn’t contact that DA. They ran to a civil attorney, William (Bill) Dickerman, supposedly to get some property they asked to be stored for them by Jackson’s employees. Only, the story changed once they got to Dickerman, who then began sending what some observers have labeled as “intent to sue” or “threatening” letters to Jackson then-attorney Mark Geragos. It appears ridiculous that an allegedly kidnapped and newly-escaped family would run to a civil attorney first, and not mention anything about being held hostage or injured. It’s also incredulous that they would care more about property and instruct Dickerman to engage in a letter writing campaign with Jackson’s attorneys from around March 26 2003 to early June 2003. For the record, the family did return to and leave from Neverland, on their own volition, sometime in April 2003 according to the stepfather’s testimony in during a previous hearing. It also does not seem to be a coincidence that after they couldn’t get any information from Geragos about those exonerating documents they had previously signed, they ran to Larry Feldman. Feldman then brought in his favorite shrink, Stan Katz. Both of whom ran to the DA with this “case”. This was all done after Geragos had tried repeatedly to deliver the family’s stored belongings back to them. These letters were discussed in MJEOL Bullet #220: Letters Paint Different Picture than Earlier Prosecution Leaks, which were released in redacted form by the court. Numerous times, arrangements were made for the family to take possession of their stuff. At one point, movers were paid and property was actually sent to the office of Bill Dickerman for the family. Geragos sent a letter dated May 15 2003 to Dickerman detailing this event:

Thank you for your letter dated May 12 2003, in which you correctly note that movers appeared at your office on April 24 2003, to deliver property you claim belongs to your client. You also correctly note that “the movers left nothing at my premises.” As you know, the reason nothing was left was that your land lord refused delivery of the items because you had failed to advise them that you were expecting the delivery. I see _______ April 24 2003 email from ________ to Dickerman, Bill). Since it appears that you are not equipped nor willing to receive the property at your office, we suggest that a simple manner in which to resolve this situation is for your client to assume the $100/month charge for the rental units in which the property is being stored. Please advise me at your earliest convenience as to whether your client will accept this reasonable offer. (see Letters Between Geragos and Dickerman Show No Theft of Property | pg 14 )

This property was being stored in storage lockers. After that letter, Dickerman got angry; at one point calling it a “stunt”. And why would he get angry? After all, he was getting what he wanted for his clients, right? Some case observers say that Dickerman’s sole purpose wasn’t to get furniture back. But rather his goal was to get those damning tapes and signed affidavits back from Jackson’s lawyers. If one reads through the back-and-forth between Geragos and Dickerman, one can tell that Dickerman was information-mining. At one point, he wanted Geragos to send him “the originals and all copies of all tapes, files, audio recordings, photographs, and other physical representations of any of the _________ or their voices that were made by or on behalf of Jackson…” (pg 3). Dickerman also wanted his hands on “the tape or film of the _____ that was made in a home in the San Fernando Valley within the last two months, before the broadcast of the Jackson ‘rebuttal’ of ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ ” (pg 3). Why would they care about tape and film, audio and video, or files and photographs of them taken on behalf of Jackson at this point? What was Dickerman trying to get Geragos to verify in writing? And why did he think he had a right to all originals and all copies of this information? Quite frankly, if Jackson’s attorneys would have handed this information over to them, it may have ‘mysteriously disappeared’. It has been previously reported that one has to sign a release form upon entering Neverland which states that you agree to be photographed while on the premises. Some guess that it would also cover surveillance and other security measures. The more this issue is dissected, the more it looks like Dickerman may have been hired in an unsuccessful attempt to get back all of this video, audio, and other files of the accusing family taken right during what turned out to be the prosecution’s timeline. All of this will be evidence. After Dickerman failed, the family dumped him and brought in Larry Feldman. Unlike what prosecution-sympathizers reported, it was Feldman the lawyer, not Katz the psychologist, who first heard about these allegations. That means that the mother came to Feldman wanting to go after Jackson in this way. It was not something that took “multiple sessions of therapy” to “pull out of” the accuser, like previously reported. It seems they had to go on with their plan without the originals and copies of this highly damaging information because as late as early June 2003, Dickerman was still writing Geragos; still mining for that information. In a letter to Dickerman dated June 2 2003 from Geragos:

Dear. Mr. Dickerman: Thank you for your letter dated May 29 2003. We will forward the information related to the storage lockers. Please arrange to have your clients assume responsibility for the lockers. You should also be advised that the June rent is paid. As such, your clients have until July 1 2003 to finalize the transfer. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. (see pg 18)

Remember, the investigation reportedly started sometime in June 2003. So between June 2 2003 and the start of the alleged molestation investigation by Sneddon, the family suddenly switched from worrying about property, to making allegations against Jackson. __Forecasting threat__ Back when these allegations first broke, Fox news’s Rita Cosby said her sources reported that the accusing family went to many attorneys in an effort to go after Jackson with allegations of molestation before the November 2003 Neverland raid. Cosby’s sources also say the mother was threatening to go to the tabloids and make up stories about Jackson as early as January 2003. From an early report on Fox news:

What we’re hearing is as early as January [2003], I’m told back then that the mother was saying, ‘I’m gonna go to the tabloids. I’m gonna cause problems.’ Didn’t alleged child abuse back then. Just said ‘I’m gonna come up with some stories and make things look bad for you.’ She wanted apparently a house. She’s being put up in an apartment sponsored by Michael Jackson. So she wanted more money, more things. And they sense that there was gonna be trouble. (see Rita Cosby on The Factor talking about being at Neverland)

Interesting indeed. Later published reports also claimed that the mother wanted a house from Jackson in a town near Neverland Ranch. She also requested that Jackson make her children “stars” and was angry that she didn’t get paid for her son’s appearance in the Bashir “documentary”. All of this information will likely come out during a possible trial. And if any of these threats or requests are caught on tape, or witnessed by those at Neverland, a simple lie/denial won’t easily wash it away. Stay tuned. -MJEOL Your comments?

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