Neverland is for kids – Response to Steve Corbett article

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[b] Neverland is for kids[/b] Steve Corbett has done it again, convicted a person without a trial. This time, it’s Michael Jackson. On Corbett’s visit to Neverland, he needs to get some of his facts straight. First, he starts off by saying he came away shaken by the surreal surroundings, then later in his column he says “I too felt the magic.” Does Mr. Corbett realize that Michael opens his ranch several times a year to various groups of children? Why do you think this time was a public relations move? Yes, he is going to trial soon, but does this mean that is why he opened his ranch at this time for a group of children – just to show off? I think not. Life and Christmas is about sharing with others in this world. Corbett’s reference to Jackson being an accused child molester sounds like something that would come out of the mouth of the prosecuting attorney. If he is a child molester, do you really think he would have the street names and signs with “Caution: Children at play” and silhouettes of a teddy bear, a dog , a cat, a little boy and a little girl dot the winding gravel road to his house, along with statues of children playing all around the grounds? This would be like putting a neon sign up out in front saying, “A child molester lives here, come visit me.” Maybe he is just a nice person who likes kids. These kids will remember this occasion for the rest of their lives. As one child was overheard by Mr. Corbett, “This is the best day of my life.” Just because someone who has money and can afford to do something like this for children does not mean it cannot last forever or he is a child molester. You may want to take a look at Disneyland and how it got started? Don Perry Santa Maria Source:

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