Prosecution Subpoenas Witnesses, Lies about Others on Their List? – MB#231

Prosecution Subpoenas Witnesses, Lies about Others on Their List? – MJEOL Bullet #231 Astonishing new court documents (docs) revealed recently show a prosecution team making up witnesses, badly misspelling the names of people on their witness list, not providing contact information for these “witnesses”, and dumping tens of thousands of pages of material on the defense very recently. There are also recent reports of Bob Jones and Debbie Rowe being subpoenaed by the prosecution. Jones could be among a number of witnesses subpoenaed by prosecutors who have not turned out to be prosecution witnesses. Rowe gave birth to two of Jackson’s children. It is important to note that just because a person may be subpoenaed by one side or the other does not mean that they are automatically testifying for or against Jackson. For instance, Ray Chandler was reportedly subpoenaed by the defense and cited as a “custodian of documents”. One can hardly call R Chandler a witness for the defense solely because it was the defense who subpoenaed him (see Ray Chandler Subpoenaed by the Defense? – MJEOL Bullet #205). On that same note, if you remember, there were reports of the accuser’s father’s attorney, Russ Halpern, being subpoenaed to testify by prosecutors in front of the grand jury. An argument between current DA Tom Sneddon and Halpern ensued, whereby Halpern, under oath, testified that he found the DA’s office to be “hostile” and “very uncooperative”. He testified: “I found your attitude, conduct to be very hostile, and not a office that would be wanting to hear from me, period” (see Massive Prosecutorial Misconduct during Grand Jury Process? – MB#162).