Motion to Dismiss for Vindictive Prosecution

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Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss for Vindictive Prosecution and Outrageous Government Conduct Excerpts: (pg3) The prosecution’s decision to treat Mr. Jackson differently than any other defendant accused of child molestation in the history of Santa Barbara County constitutes a vindictive prosecution. [b]The prosecution has attempted to punish him for asserting his innocence and hiring counsel to defend against the false charges. [/b] This vindictive prosecution is evidenced by the District Attorney’s decision to increase the charges against Mr. Jackson, to convene a grand jury rather than to proceed with a preliminary hearing in which the defense would have had an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, and to present that grand jury with a mountain of inadmissible evidence in order to secure an indictment. ——————————————————– (pg 3) The fact that Mr. Jackson is being treated differently cannot be justified by a claim that he is a celebrity or that he is wealthy. He is entitled to vigorously defend himself and to hire counsel to do so. It is entirely lawful for him to use his resources to defend himself against these false charges. The prosecution has, in essence, punished Mr. Jackson for being a celebrity and defending himself. DOWNLOAD :navMotion to Dismiss for Vindictive Prosecution