Jackson Trial Brief Court Doc Against Marc Schaffel June 2006 in our DL section

Excerpts: This case is deceptively simple. Stripped to its essentials, it is an accounting case, albit one with an overlay of fraud, deception, and self-dealing on the part of plaintiff Marc Schaffel. To say that Schaffel is an unsavory character would be an understatement. He is a professional swindler and pornographer with a long history […]

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Janet Arvizo Charged with 5 Felony Counts of Fraud & Perjuy – Court Papers

Jackson Accuser’s Mom Hit With Fraud Rap
Prosecutors: Woman repeatedly lied to secure welfare handouts

AUGUST 23–The mother of the Los Angeles boy who accused Michael Jackson of sexual molestation was charged today with welfare fraud and perjury.

The five-count felony indictment charges Janet Arvizo with a single fraud count and four instances of lying to secure nearly $19,000 in welfare payments to which she was not entitled, according to the below court filing.

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Witness: Family Not Held, Planned “something big” against Jackson – HOT DOC

An EXPLOSIVE new court document has been released in the Michael Jackson case concerning the prior sexual history of Davellin Arvizo in relation to a relationship she had while the family claims they were all held hostage and couldn’t leave Neverland Ranch. The defense wants to call a witness, Angel Vivanco, with whom D. Arvizo […]

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Suspicious Police Questioning of Jason Francia – Hot doc

Stunning court documents have been released concerning police questioning of Jason Francia. Also revealed is that most of these allegations with Mac Culkin, Jason Francia, Wade Robson etc. all involved Blanca Francia at one point. Jason Francia at first denied being abused or touched inappropriately by Jackson until the police interviewed him.   In this […]

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Debbie Rowe Parental Rights Terminated 2001 – Hearing Transcript

Debbie Rowe gave an interview in 2003 for the Fox rebuttal special “Take Two: The Footage you Were Never Meant to See”. In that rebuttal interview, she said the same kinds of things (and more) that she also said in a [b]2001[/b] hearing where she terminated her parental rights. Celebrity Justice got their hands on […]

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1993 Civil Suit Settled by Insurance Co. against Jackson’s wishes – Hot Doc

Memo in Support of Objection to Subpoena for Settlement Documents Holy $@#!. In recently released court documents, it turns out that Michael Jackson’s insurance company negotiated and settled the 1993 civil suit against his wishes. The following are excerpts from that recently released court document: Pg3 The settlement agreement was for global claims of negligence […]

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