More about the Disturbing Past of the Arvizos – Update / HOT DOC

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JUNE 24 2005 — Even though Michael Jackson has been acquitted by a mostly white, conservative Santa Maria jury, more information continues to make its way to the public about the terrible past of the Arvizo family. In a court document (doc) stamped Feb 28 2005, but not released by the court until June 22 2005, David Arvizo, the biological father, spilled the beans about the crazy actions and past scams that Janet Arvizo was very much a part of. The court doc, Memorandum Re Use of J.C. Penney Issues in Defense Opening Statement, David A. admitted to defense attorneys as far back as before this trial began that Janet A. “scripted her children’s statements” in the J.C. Penney case. The stunning this is that once one reads through this information, one realizes that the prosecution had to know this information as well. Yet, they continued to pursue this “case” depending solely on the word of these people with this type of background. David Arvizo’s interview with the defense investigator is attached as Exhibit A to the court doc as a nine page memo on Scott Ross Private Investigations letterhead. Excerpts:

Upon their return home, Janet ordered David and the boys, in their limited ability, to write out their version of what had happened. She then took the versions and typed out what she wanted from those. The typed versions were returned to the children, becoming required reading and study on a daily basis. Page 2 of Scott Ross letter _______________________________________________________________________ He now holds fast to the story that [the] kids were, in fact, coached. More importantly, David claims to still have one of these typed stories in his paperwork at his parents [house]. Page 2 __________________________________________________________________________ The conversation turned then, to the Ford Bronco. David’s version is as follows: When he stopped working to take care of Gavin, he was essentially living at the hospital. His car was ultimately repossessed, and MJJ heard that he did not have a car. David says MJJ allowed David to “borrow” the Bronco; it was never given to him. He quoted MJJ as saying, “This is for you to use, just like if you were an employee. The insurance, everything is covered.” David said MJJ did not like Janet, and did not want her to drive the car. At some point, Janet came and took the keys from David. He claims the next time he saw it, the right side was severely damaged. She went to his father’s ranch, where the Arvizo family keeps their horses, and Janet drove the Bronco through a fence, directly at him. The vehicle sustained additional damage and Janet called Gary to (paraphrasing) “come get the car, it needs to be fixed.” The vehicle was picked up and not returned, as MJJ loaned the car to David, not Janet. Page 5 _____________________________________________________________________________ In 2000, Janet was working at the Weston Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. She was a waitress in the restaurant in the lobby area. He said she told them she had no children when she was hired, believing they would not have hired a mother her age with three small children. While there, she began having an affair and dating a man named Michael Haynes. Haynes was with the CHP, working security at the Democratic National Convention. David added that Haynes was later convicted of child molestation, and Janet was interviewed by the prosecution. David also recalled that Star carried a picture of Haynes in his wallet. Page 9 __________________________________________________________________________ In an attempt to enhance her settlement with JC Peneny, however, Janet never “worked a day” at Oshman’s [her new job], claiming she was unable with the injuries sustained [from the JC Penney guards]. Hence, a loss of earnings claim became part of the suit. The case ultimately settled for about $160,000 according to David. They had gone to a “mediator” where they were offered $300,000. He said upon Janet’s hearing this, she demanded $500,000, and that the kids be placed in a JC Penney’s (television) commercial. Page 3 _______________________________________________________________________ Gavin was ultimately deposed at the peak of his illness while still in a hospital bed. Janet orchestrated and timed the deposition to cause sympathy, in an attempt to force JC Penney to settle this matter. While Gavin was being deposed, David claims Janet had a nurse give him medication and instructed Gavin to “act” tired and fatigued. Although he confirmed Gavin was sick, this was Actually one of his better days. Page3 _____________________________________________________________________ David described Janet as determined. He said she develops an idea, and will do whatever it takes to see that through. He described her as being controlling and manipulative, and that she has never been forthcoming with her ability to tell the truth if it does not suit her purpose. Page 3

And there is SO much more. The court doc is 72 .pdf pages long and also includes a transcript of an interview with paralegal Mary Holzer. Holzer is the person who worked for Janet A.’s JC Penney attorney. She’s also the one who Janet A. confessed to about the JC Penney cas ebeing a fraud. DOWNLOAD: :nav Memorandum Re Use of J.C. Penney Issues in Defense Opening Statement (may open in a new window)

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