Jackson Superfan Fires Back at Diane Dimond, Demands $24K in legal fees – Drudge

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XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX FRI JUNE 24, 2005 10:26:08 ET XXXXX STILL FIGHTING: JACKSON SUPERFAN FIRES BACK AT DIANE DIMOND RESTRAINING ORDER, DEMANDS $24K IN IN LEGAL FEES Long after the drama of the verdict has faded, Michael Jackson SuperFan B.J. Hickman is still fighting back against a restraining order issued on behalf of COURT TV reporter Diane Dimond, who accused Hickman of threatening and disruptive behavior toward her. All are excerpts–misspellings included–from BJ Hickman’s court answer to the Dimond petition (filed this week in Santa Barbara Superior Court): “Being a newscaster is strenuous and stressful. Perhaps Ms. Dimond is burned out. Ashley Banfield in Afganistan and Christina Amanpour in Iraq have not sought court relief.” “Ms. Dimond suffered distress from competing with other news personnel for stories, covering a long trial with many stories and deadlines, and being away from home for so long.” “I spoke in a public forum, during business hours, and with the oversight of numerous sheriffs and police. Ms. Dimond’s commercial speech and observations over the air on TV were offensive to me as exaggerations, speculations, profiling and prevarications. Ms. Dimond spoke for money, I spoke from my heart.” “My language was more temperate than that of the 60’s, or when the free speech movement was born, or when the Governor or the President speaks.” “I have never threatened, touched, or attempted to touch Diane Dimond in any way. I have never incited or attempted to incite other people to harm Diane Dimond in ay way.” “Diane Dimond flipped me the middle finger, blew me kisses, and sarcastically waived to me on numerous occasions during the trial.” Hickman is seeking $24k from her in reimbursement for legal costs and other expenses incurred in connection with his defense of her restraining order application. Developing… Source: http://www.drudgereport.com/flash3bjr.htm

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