Witness: Family Not Held, Planned “something big” against Jackson – HOT DOC

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An EXPLOSIVE new court document has been released in the Michael Jackson case concerning the prior sexual history of Davellin Arvizo in relation to a relationship she had while the family claims they were all held hostage and couldn’t leave Neverland Ranch. The defense wants to call a witness, Angel Vivanco, with whom D. Arvizo had a relationship with. To be clear they DO NOT want to get into the physical relationship between the two. Vivanco is a percipient witness specifically to things that were going on during the time the Arvizo family claims they were “held hostage” at Neverland. More importantly, D. Arvizo called Vivanco on a nightly basis and she informed him that Janet Arvizo (mother) and Jay Jackson (stepfather) were planning “something big” that involved Jackson. According to the document, Vivanco will also be able to testify to the fact that he witnessed, with his own eyes, Gavin and Star Arvizo both drinking and in possession of sexually explicit material BEFORE February 2003. Here’s an excerpt from the document:

Secondly, after the family has left Neverland, Davellin Arvizo continued to call Mr. Vivanco on a nightly basis. She informed Mr. Vivanco that Janet Arvizo and Jay Jackson were planning “something big” that involved Mr. Jackson. This supports the defense theory that the Arvizos made these allegations as part of a scheme to obtain money from Mr. Jackson. Third, Mr. Vivanco observed Star and Gavin Arvizo drinking alcohol and possession sexually explicit materials prior to February and March of 2003, and outside the presence of Mr. Jackson. This contradicts the testimony of Gavin and Star.

Wow. If Vivanco comes across as a credible witness at all, this will be another witness and other evidence that directly refute testimony that came in under the prosecution’s “case”. -MJEOL

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