Comedy Kings Used in Bogus Benefits for Jackson Accuser?

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Comedy Kings Used in Bogus Benefits for Jackson Accuser? January 4, 2005 :camera VIDEO:Celebrity Justice George Lopez and Chris Tucker are two of comedy’s brightest lights, but now it seems that the funny men may have been used as pawns in a scam involving the family of the boy currently accusing pop singer Michael Jackson of child molestation. “CJ” recently broke the story that the mother of the accuser got a community newspaper to run an article soliciting funds for the boy’s cancer treatments in 2000, even though the family didn’t have to pay a penny in medical costs because the father’s insurance covered everything. Lopez has strong ties to Los Angeles’ comedy club circuit, including The Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip, and “CJ” has learned that several non-celebrities have also had strong ties to Lopez and the club, including Jackson’s accuser and his family. Lopez met the boy at The Laugh Factory’s summer camp for underprivileged kids, and when the boy was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, Lopez joined Chris Tucker and others to raise money for the child. “CJ” has learned that the family got tens of thousands of dollars from donations and various Laugh Factory fundraisers. In light of the fact that the family’s insurance apparently covered the boy’s treatments, the question remains: where did the money go? “CJ” has also learned that the family recruited Fritz Coleman, TV weather personality for LA’s KNBC and a stand-up comic in his own right, to do an on-air plug for a charity event for the boy held at The Laugh Factory on October 26, 2000. Though Coleman couldn’t be reached for comment, we’re told he believed the money was being raised for the boy’s medical expenses and that he’s extremely upset he may have been misled. We’re also told that Jackson’s defense team believes Lopez and Tucker were used as well. Despite the boy’s hospital bills being covered by the family’s insurance, Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, who was close to the accuser and his mother, has been quoted as saying, “Anything we raised we gave directly to the hospital, except for a couple of checks I wrote myself, which was for her apartment.” Lopez, Tucker and Fritz Coleman had no comment, but we’re told all three have been contacted by Jackson’s team. As for Masada, he would not comment on the statement that he gave the money to the hospital. Source:

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