Loose Lips Sink Ships as Pros. and/or Police Illegally Leak Sealed Docs

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More devastating information concerning the accusing family’s past was revealed Jan 3 2004 by Celebrity Justice. They report that the mother once scammed a paper, telling them a sob-story and deceiving them into soliciting donations for “medical bills” that never existed. There are also other reports about a number of famous celebs, like Chris Tucker, George Lopez, Fritz Coleman, who may have also been defrauded by the accusing family. The family may have even scammed the Los Angeles Police Dept. out of a free Christmas and $200 in cash in 2001. These are just a few in a long series of scams that the accusing family has been involved in. Not to be outdone, prosecutors and/or police have (illegally?) leaked sealed court documents and grand jury transcripts to the website thesmokinggun.com. Missing, of course, are the thousands of documents, video and audio detailing the family’s behavior and Jackson’s side of the story. Jackson fans, including some belonging to this site and the powerhouse fansite MJJForum, are independently ripping these allegations apart from stem to stern. Every detail creates a slew of questions that the family can’t seem to get around. Judging by the preliminary research, the collections of archival information, and the analytical questions posed about the alleged events, it seems the more details learned the more ridiculous this “case” gets. One little example: the reason why the accusing family can’t seem to remember hard dates of this alleged threatening, kidnapping and molestation is because Jackson’s people kept them away from “clocks and dates”. They claim there were no calendars or clocks anywhere at Neverland. How convenient for them….especially considering that Jackson has a huge-ass clock built into the landscape of his Neverland ranch! Not to mention one can get a cheap watch from Wal-mart for under $7.00. What? They weren’t kidnapped and taken to Wal-mart? Just expensive stores and hotels? Not to mention the fact that there are 3rd -party witnesses who were at Jackson’s Neverland ranch during the prosecution’s timeline who saw this family there, conversing with people and walking around Neverland like everything was just fine. Two of those witnesses are reporters by the way. I guess it didn’t cross their minds to ask any one of them for the date or time? Yeah right. Researchers are presently in the process of detailing and discussing this information which will be brought in the form of special reports and MJEOL Bullets currently being written. Remember the phrase “the devil’s in the details”? Well it looks like the more details we learn, the more nonsensical the allegations against Jackson sound. So stay tuned. Apparently this family and these prosecutors don’t seem to know the meaning of “loose lips sink ships”. -MJEOL

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