Pt 3: Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother – MB#235

Pt 3: Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother – MJEOL Bullet #235 Jamie Masada has made public statements about the family that raise a number of questions. All this, while at least one news outlet reports of a unsupervised shopping spree with the accuser and his little brother in early 2004

JAN 11 2005 — While the prosecution’s latest PR stunt involves convincing an unknowing public that there are “other victims”, they can’t seem to get them all to actually testify against Jackson. In fact, more than a few of the ones prosecutors are reportedly looking at have already repeatedly denied that Michael Jackson molested them. At least 5 of these people–who prosecutors WANT to make “victims”–have never even alleged Jackson did anything to them at all, say sources and published reports. Some have even, reportedly, told the defense they are willing to testify for Jackson. It looks as if these latest reports are nothing more than frenzied and pathetic attempts to use unfounded tabloid gossip and unsubstantiated, one-sided speculation in the Jackson “case” against him. Some observers say that this “case” against Jackson may have evaporated when prosecutors found it necessary to leak sealed court documents to a website. While others suggest that prosecutors no longer want to dance with the family that brought them, and are now putting out feelers for other dance partners, so to speak. Whatever prosecutors decide to do, it seems like they are attempting to get out of this quicksand by digging themselves deeper in the hole. Not good. And try as they may, they still can’t get away from the family’s past, or the words of those who ran to the cameras pushing their sob-story.