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Pt 3: Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother – MJEOL Bullet #235 Jamie Masada has made public statements about the family that raise a number of questions. All this, while at least one news outlet reports of a unsupervised shopping spree with the accuser and his little brother in early 2004

JAN 11 2005 — While the prosecution’s latest PR stunt involves convincing an unknowing public that there are “other victims”, they can’t seem to get them all to actually testify against Jackson. In fact, more than a few of the ones prosecutors are reportedly looking at have already repeatedly denied that Michael Jackson molested them. At least 5 of these people–who prosecutors WANT to make “victims”–have never even alleged Jackson did anything to them at all, say sources and published reports. Some have even, reportedly, told the defense they are willing to testify for Jackson. It looks as if these latest reports are nothing more than frenzied and pathetic attempts to use unfounded tabloid gossip and unsubstantiated, one-sided speculation in the Jackson “case” against him. Some observers say that this “case” against Jackson may have evaporated when prosecutors found it necessary to leak sealed court documents to a website. While others suggest that prosecutors no longer want to dance with the family that brought them, and are now putting out feelers for other dance partners, so to speak. Whatever prosecutors decide to do, it seems like they are attempting to get out of this quicksand by digging themselves deeper in the hole. Not good. And try as they may, they still can’t get away from the family’s past, or the words of those who ran to the cameras pushing their sob-story. __I remember the name ‘Masada’__ Comedy club owner Jamie Masada is eyeball-deep in this entire situation. His club was used to raise thousands of dollars for this family in the past. He recruited a number of comedians and others to give money for this family Masada was outed by Fox’s Geraldo Rivera in an interview which aired Feb 7 2004, detailed in MJEOL Bullet #81: Rivera Outs Masada, Jackson Mad as Hell. Masada claimed to have introduced the accuser to Michael Jackson. He has also allowed other reporters to assume and imply to their audiences that he had a friendship with Jackson. That “friendship” is non-existent. Rivera asked Masada if he had ever met Jackson—a question that every other reporter had previously failed to ask him according to the interviews we’ve seen. Masada had to admit that he didn’t know Jackson. This was a highly important detail because Masada was unfairly elevated to the status of ‘a friend who felt betrayed by Jackson’ in the media. Masada has made some incredible statements about the family in the media before. At one point, he claimed the family was so poor that they had to live in a barn. In a February 8 2003 Daily Mail report, Masada is quoted as saying:

“They were living in a stable with the hay and horses in Bakersfield, California, for a long time,” said family friend Jamie Masada. (see Cancer boy’s mother tells how he looks upon Jackson as his father – Daily Mail)

That’s right. A barn…“for a long time”. Now, we have no way of knowing at this point if this story is true or not. But it certainly is interesting to see what Masada was claiming. He then talked about the family not being able to afford clothes or food. Further from that Daily Mail report:

“I went to visit them another time to see just how bad things were and they were all living in a tiny room in Compton that wasn’t even big enough for one person to live in.” “They couldn’t afford to buy clothes or food. It was heartbreaking to see people living like that in Los Angeles. It made me cry.” (see Cancer boy’s mother tells how he looks upon Jackson as his father – Daily Mail)

Isn’t that just the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Maybe a little bit too sad for some cynic’s tastes. Masada, according to that article, asserts that he called Quincy Jones who then talked to Michael Jackson. Michael then, according to this incarnation of the story, came to the club but the accuser wasn’t there. He then spoke to the accuser on the phone. From the report:

“GXXXX said he’d seen him dance on TV and wanted to meet him,” said Mr. Masada. “It was like meeting these people was giving him something to live for. I contacted Quincy Jones who talked to Michael and he came to the club but GXXXX wasn’t there. Then Michael spoke to GXXXX on the telephone and called him a couple more times before he asked him if he wanted to visit Neverland.” (see Cancer boy’s mother tells how he looks upon Jackson as his father – Daily Mail)

In a Feb 3 2003 Daily Telegraph article, Masada again claims he called Quincy Jones and that it was Jones who contacted Jackson about this kid. From that article: “I contacted Quincy Jones, who talked to Michael. He asked GXXXX if he wanted to visit Neverland” (see Early Article about family (Feb 9 2003)). This is not the chain of events Masada relayed in succeeding interviews. In a report from the Associated Press (AP) dated Nov 27 2003 titled “Jackson’s alleged victim said very ill,” Masada said he contacted “Jackson’s people” and asked Jackson to watch a news report about the accuser’s condition. From that AP article:

Masada said he met the boy at a camp where stars including Adam Sandler and Chris Tucker teach underprivileged children about comedy. He said he contacted Jackson’s people and asked that Jackson watch a news report about the boy’s condition and the efforts to help him. He said he asked that the pop singer “call him, cheer him up.” (see Jackson’s alleged victim said very ill (Nov 27 2003))

Now, what happened to the Jones connection? Too risky to actually name people?? Even in contradiction to that story, subsequent reports said Masada called “someone” at Neverland whose name he didn’t know, and mentioned the would-be-accuser. But he had never actually spoken to Jackson himself. Masada also got caught up in pushing another story that may not have been true in the media, as mentioned above. He hit the media looking for “O-negative C-M-V as in ‘Victor’” type blood and a kidney for the reportedly ailing accuser. Masada appeared on the Abrams Report on Jan 22 2004. During the show, he claimed he saw the accuser “a couple of days ago” and that there was “swelling under his eyes.” He says he is the one that took them to civil attorney William (Bill) Dickerman. He also may have made a slip in the story during this interview. On the show, he claimed the mother took the kid to Dickerman because the mother had told him that she didn’t want the ‘same thing’ to happen to another kid. Huh? From the transcript:

MASADA: I think that‘s wrong because of the time—first time I took them to Mr. Dickerman and I took them up there to talk to Mr. Dickerman, and Mr. Dickerman at that point asked them what do you want, the mother, if he wants the money, would have said money, and she said I want that doesn‘t happen to another kid. And that‘s—I believe what the mother says and I still believe in what the mother says. (see Abrams Report: Jamie Masada + Dickerman + John Burris, John Kelly (Jan 22 2004))

What did he just say? He says that he sent the mother to Dickerman because the mother claimed she didn’t want something to “happen to another kid”? But according to an early report about the prosecution’s “case”, nobody in the family knew of any so-called “abuse” until the kid saw psychologist Stan Katz in June 2003. They went to Dickerman sometime in March 2003. But later reports then claimed suddenly the brother was a “witness” to the alleged “abuse”. How convenient. Or was it that the family did know and took the accuser to Katz to have these allegations “pulled” out of him during “multiple sessions of therapy” like tabloid Diane Dimond claimed in the early days of reporting? Or is it that they knew, but didn’t say anything while their civil attorney wrote threatening and insulting letters to Jackson’s attorney without so much as mentioning this alleged “abuse”? Or maybe more truthfully, they didn’t “know” and didn’t “say” anything because there was nothing to know or to say since neither Jackson nor “his people” did anything untoward to any of them? Or…oh the stories they tell! It is a rather incredible admission because, as just mentioned, the main thing Dickerman contacted Jackson’s lawyers about, repeatedly, was the family’s property. As detailed in a previous MJEOL Bullet, the letters between Jackson then-attorney Mark Geragos and Dickerman were nothing like what the public had been lead to believe by prosecution leaks. So just what the hell was Masada talking about and why has he been so eager to push these stories in the media? Masada further claimed it “broke his heart” to hear the accuser ask him for a kidney. Really? He told Abrams:

MASADA: Well, the last time I saw the boy, the boy walked me—I mean, he was healthy and walked me to my car. The time I was getting into my car, he gave me a hug goodbye. He said, please find me a kidney. I need a kidney and just broke my heart. I got in the car—I started having tears in my eyes. That‘s all I can say about it. (see Abrams Report: Jamie Masada + Dickerman + John Burris, John Kelly (Jan 22 2004))

Aww…it broke his heart. Of course it may not have been true. Later reports–complete with photos of a robust accuser jumping fences and practicing with a rifle in a rigorous Sea Cadet’s program—told a far different tale than the one Masada was trying to float. Gone was this sickly cancer patient in need to type O negative, C-M-V…as in ‘Victor’…type blood or a kidney transplant. Also in that NY Daily News article, came questions about where the family got a $21,000 Volkswagon Jetta when they were supposed to be a “simple” family trying to make ends meet. The report says that the family moved in with the stepfather, Maj Jay Jackson, sometime in 2003. This was a “pleasant two-bedroom condo near L.A’s posh Brentwood neighborhood.” Jamie Masada was, at this same time, suggesting the boy wasn’t doing well, needed a kidney, and was sleeping on the floor of a rundown apartment while the mother read the Bible and prayed. Yeah right. So which is it? In a story also by the NY Daily News dated Nov 26 2003 titled “Jax accuser doing poorly,” Masada relayed that they were “poor people, simple people.” He is quoted as saying the family was again sleeping on the floor until he bought them a bunk bed. From the Nov 26 2003 article:

“He only has one kidney and it’s failing him, and part of his face is swollen up,” Masada told the Daily News yesterday. “His cancer’s in remission, but he worries if the cancer comes back, what’s going to happen.” (see Jax accuser doing poorly (Nov 26 2003) – NY Daily News)

He allegedly declared to be “ridden with guilt”, according to the Daily News, at having introduced the accuser to Jackson. The public now knows that he didn’t. From the report:

The family has so little money that the boy and his siblings were sleeping on the floor until Masada took them a bunk bed. Their mother, who is divorced, sat with a Bible in her lap, quoting Scripture with tears in her eyes, Masada said. “It just breaks your heart,” he said. (see Jax accuser doing poorly (Nov 26 2003) – NY Daily News)

He’s just heartbroken all over the place, isn’t he? Remember that later Daily News “investigation” in April 2004 that found out the family had moved into Jay Jackson’s “posh” place in 2003? Well either Masada thinks Jay Jackson’s place is rundown, or somebody was lying through their teeth. Whether it’s the Daily News or Masada is left to be determined. Some observers say this was a blatant attempt for sympathy to get the public to feel sorry for this accusing family. But the question is why. Why would Masada be so interested in pitching for sympathy on behalf of them? He’s raised a lot of money…supposedly for medical bills that didn’t exist. Did he know at the time that there may not have been any medical bills or was he duped by this family as well? Does he see this family as a bunch of victims or is he questioning their motives now like a number of people? __A “naïve” streetwise kid? Not likely__ Ironically enough, Masada also made a revealing comment, in that previously mentioned Daily Mail article, about the lack of naivete of the accuser. He told them in Feb 2003 that the streetwise kid would have said something if anything untoward was happening:

“GXXXX said Michael was like a kid. They had fun and played games. GXXXX is not a naive kid. He would have said something if something bad had happened.” (see Cancer boy’s mother tells how he looks upon Jackson as his father – Daily Mail)

Ah, so this street-smart kid would have said something at the time. Masada isn’t the only one who vouched for the accuser’s streetwise behavior. Director Brett Ratner, who knew the accuser before the accuser met Jackson, also confirms this behavior. He told Fox news in a Feb 24 2004 article titled “’Rush Hour’ Director: ‘I Knew the Mother Would Set Up [Jackson]’ ”:

“[The boy] would sit in my director’s chair. When I told him to get up, he’d tell me to go to hell.” Ratner said, “He used to tell me, ‘Brett, I don’t like the last shot’ while he was watching us make the movie. He’s telling me how to make my movie! He’s more street smart than I was at that age. If someone tried to fondle him, he’d punch them in the face. He’s an adult. I think the jury will see that.” (see ‘Rush Hour’ Director: ‘I Knew the Mother Would Set Up [Jackson]’ (Feb 24 2004) )

So that makes at least two people who have basically said this kid wouldn’t easily be anyone’s “victim”. __Where’s the money?__ Masada seems to also be telling conflicting stories about where some of the money went, which he says he raised for the family. Apparently, according to Celebrity Justice, there were thousands of dollars collected supposedly for the accuser’s medical bills. In a Santa Barbara News-Press article titled “Jackson lawyers prepare to attack accuser’s mom” dated Dec 2 2004, Masada is said to have stated that some of the money he raised for the family was given directly to the hospital. From the report:

In October 2000, the boy’s Laugh Factory friends learned he was diagnosed with cancer and held three fund-raisers to help with medical costs. Mr. Masada declined to say how much money was raised. Mr. [Fritz] Coleman didn’t know. “None of us were in control of where the money ended up,” he said. Mr. Masada would offer no information except to emphasize that the money was given directly to the hospital. A spokeswoman for Kaiser-Permanente said she could not comment because of privacy rules. (see Jackson lawyers prepare to attack accuser’s mom – Fritz Coleman)

How can this be? As reported previously by tv show Celebrity Justice, the father’s teamster insurance covered 100% of the accuser’s medical bills, with no exceptions. So what is Masada talking about when he says the money went directly to the hospital? That obviously can’t be true, if the bills were paid by insurance. Some of the questions Masada will have to answer are where’s the money, who did he give it to, and how much was raised? Now the public knows that when Masada asserted that the accusing family members were “very private people”, it wasn’t exactly true. There were a number of celebrities and entities whose charity these people actively sought out. They wouldn’t hesitate to tell their sob-story at the drop of a hat to anyone who they felt could “help” them. As reported before, the family had dealings with all sorts of celebs, from Fritz Coleman to comedians Chris Tucker and George Lopez. And this was all before they apparently thought they hit the jackpot with Jackson; with all of these celebs kicking in some form of support for the family at one time or the other. Stepping up the story a notch, Masada says he saw the boy in Nov 2003 and that he was “being treated at home and getting dialysis treatments.” From the article:

…He said the boy’s remaining kidney is failing, and that he needs a transplant. Masada said he saw the boy earlier this week. He said the boy was being treated at home, not a hospital, but was getting dialysis treatments. (see Jackson’s alleged victim said very ill (Nov 27 2003))

So now he’s having “dialysis treatments” at home? All while sleeping on the floor with a swollen face and imploring Masada to find him a kidney? Ok. Sure. And still the question is whether Masada is in on this story telling or whether he too has been fed a bunch of lies from the family. He had been all over the place telling the family’s sob-story. That is, until those published pictures were released and Rivera outed him on live TV (hear audio). After that, Masada seemed to fade into the background. He began to claim his “witness” status and cited the gag order when asked for comments. Masada recently sprang up in a new report where he’s now alleging he has been harassed by a Jackson private investigator. Some observers say that “harassment” could probably be read as “tracked down while trying to avoid defense subpoenas”. When he has to answer the hard questions, all of a sudden he’s crying harassment. On that same note, a prosecutor gets over 100 search warrants against Jackson, but we’re told that he’s just ‘doing his job.’ Yeah right. But I digress. After a recent press conference at one of his Laugh Factory clubs, Masada was served with another subpoena to appear in court Jan 31 2005. The press conference covered by Celebrity Justice my have also backfired because another comedian appearing with Masada, Suli McCullough, actually confirmed for reporters that they thought the money Masada was helping to raise was for the family’s medical bills; medical bills that reportedly didn’t exist. It wasn’t raised for electric bills, or for transportation, or for a new house, or for anything other than the accuser’s alleged medical bills. __Not too traumatized to go shopping?__ Partly as the result of Masada’s media campaign, certain people started to look into whether the accuser was “gravely ill” or just fine. While they were digging up that information, they happened upon something extremely peculiar. In another explosive piece of information, the New York Daily News learned of a shopping trip with the accuser and his little brother, which they reported in an April 18 2004 article. The article, “Youth involved in Jackson criminal case appears vital”, details how the accuser and brother supposedly went shopping with a local Fox TV reporter…in January 2004. Nope, that’s not a typo. According to that NY Daily News report, there are pictures to prove it. The report says sometime in late January 2004, the accusing mother allowed her two boys, the so-called accuser and his brother, to go on an “unsupervised dining and shopping spree with a local TV reporter” (see Youth involved in Jackson criminal case appears vital (April 18 2004)). The report says they went shopping at an electronic game store and dining at a café. From the report:

Photos show Fox 11-KTTV’s reporter Barbara Schroeder and the boys cheerfully chatting on the Jan. 31 excursion. They lunched at a cafe, shopped at an electronic games store, where the accuser emerged with a bag of goodies, and spent 40 minutes at a video arcade. (see Youth involved in Jackson criminal case appears vital (April 18 2004))

The NY Daily News says the reporter returned about 2-1/2 hours later when she was then greeted by the mother. The question is just what in hell were these people doing out having lunch and going on a shopping trip with a local reporter, if the report is true? Further, this is not the ‘blood’– and ‘kidney’—needy accuser Masada claimed he was just a month earlier. He was supposed to be a traumatized so-called “victim”. Why was he and his brother allowed to go on this trip unsupervised? Was shopping a part of his therapy? Not likely. Was the family trying to solicit another news station to do a ‘woe-is-me’ report about them for “donations” like they did the Mid Valley News? Who knows. Were they kidnapped and held hostage by this reporter too? Oh no…let’s not give them any ideas….Jeez. If this story pans out, one can bet the defense will want to know what they told this reporter, their demeanor and whether any of this was videotaped. And Masada will no doubt have to answer questions about his role in this situation from the beginning. As more information becomes available and important to highlight, look for future MJEOL Bullets discussing the accusing family’s past. A past that is tantamount to an albatross choking the life out of the prosecution’s already non-existent “case”. And this is all before Jackson even gets to present his exonerating evidence and cross-examine their story. Also upcoming is information around the very many myths surrounding the 1993 investigation and the history revisionism being practiced by interested parties. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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