Judge Currently Refuses to Allow Old, Uproven Claims at Trial – UPDATE

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BREAKING NEWS (Jan 12 2005) — The judge in the Michael Jackson “case” has refused to allow prosecutors to use unsubstantiated claims in the current “case” before the court. The current “case” is that of the accuser who was seen in the Martin Bashir “documentary” in early 2003. He is also the accuser who later told the Dept. of Child Services, right in the middle of when they now claim to have been abducted, that nothing untoward had ever happened between he and Jackson. Two on-site reports from MJJF’s Investigative Unit (IU) say that Judge Melville told prosecutors that they must put on their entire current “case” without the bolstering from past so-called allegations before he would even consider to grant their request. We’re told from the MJJF’s IU that this decision was a ‘put up or shut up’ kind of situation where prosecutors “must put on the current case” and that “once that is done, [the judge] will consider the 1108”. Now, conflicting reports say that the judge may or could wait until a jury is selected but before opening statements to hold these hearings. Recent reports have claimed that there are 7 “alleged victims” that prosecutors want to call. However, there have been a number of follow-up reports that show that most of those–upward of 5–have never even accused Jackson of molestation, let alone can be considered “victims”. Either way, the judge wasn’t buying the prosecution’s argument today. He says he has to actually hear from these people who are making the claims–that there “could” be “other victims”–before he can decide what comes in and what doesn’t. He reportedly said he will not just take the prosecution’s word for it. Onsite reports say “this has been a great day for the defense”. The next court date is Jan 21 2005. Stay tuned for further information from MJJF’s IU and from the justicesystem.net. And of course keep an eye on the MJEOL forums for the latest. -MJEOL

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