Judge Wants Prosecutors to Stick to the Current Case

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Judge Wants Prosecutors to Stick to the Current Case Wednesday, 12 January 2005 SANTA MARIA, CA – Today, Santa Maria Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville decided not to rule on the Prosecution’s motion to bring in alleged ‘prior acts’ of abuse, at this time. Prosecutors are attempting to present evidence of similar alleged “prior acts,” even though Michael Jackson has never actually been tried in a court on those issues. The defense attorneys petitioned Judge Melville to bar this ‘flimsy’ evidence. Previous to this case, Michael Jackson has never been arrested or actually charged with a sexual offense. Exercising caution, the judge cited a case early in his career where the prosecution first presented ‘prior acts’ of alleged abuse in a similar case. Consequently, the primary case that the prosecution then presented was so weak that the defendant was convicted on the alleged ‘past acts.’ Judge Melville called this a “miscarriage of justice” and stated that he would not allow something like that to happen in this case. Judge Rodney Melville went on to inform the prosecution that he needs to see their main case first, effectively barring them from bringing in any past accusers or allegations, at this point. After they have presented their main case and witnesses pertaining to the current case, Judge Melville stated that he may entertain an evidentiary hearing and then possibly consider allowing the motion. Additionally, in court filings, the defense argued that media coverage of the hearing could prejudice potential jurors. Judge Melville said that under California law, he did not believe he could conduct the hearings behind closed doors. The judge has scheduled hearings on Jan. 21 and Jan. 27. Judge Rodney Melville also stated that Michael Jackson will be required to appear in court beginning January 31, 2005. Source: http://mjjsource.com/main/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=334&Itemid=32

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