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Sez dad Jax has her twins A 36-year-old woman says she gave birth to twin boys sired by Michael Jackson and turned the infants over to the pop star, “The Insider” TV show reported last night. But Jackson’s publicist scoffed at the claim. “It’s untrue. Completely,” said the publicity agent, Ramone Bain. Bain says Jackson is not the father of any babies with the woman, Sholeh Bocchelli, and doesn’t have possession of her baby boys. Bocchelli, who public records show has used multiple names, offered no proof of any kind that she gave birth to twins or has ties to Jackson. But she insists she became pregnant by in vitro fertilization and that Jackson is the biological dad. The woman filed a confidential claim against Jackson in Los Angeles family court, reportedly seeking custody of the boys, Isaiah and Jean-Pierre, who allegedly were born Nov. 26. She also wants legal fees and pregnancy costs, according to “The Insider.” The woman said she was receiving $3,000 a month from Jackson until August, when the payments stopped, according to the program. The woman says she’s an actress but she has no professional acting credits. She asserts that she met Jackson through the musical artist Prince in 1994. Jackson, 46, has three children. Two of them – Prince Michael and Paris – were born to Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. … Michelle Caruso Originally published on January 14, 2005 Source:

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