MJEOL Bullet #240 Preview

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[b]#240 Preview:[/b] The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department (SBDA) has recently announced an investigation into who leaked sealed court documents to the ABC News’s Cynthia McFadden. This comes weeks after the leaks to the Court TV-backed website thesmokinggun and days after the ABC Primetime Live airing of the exact testimony from the grand jury transcripts. Both the prosecution and the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. announced this “investigation” in a joint statement. It is almost comical and absolutely ridiculous that they claim to want to find a real culprit but give the appearance that the SBSD and the DA are teaming up to “investigate”. A great number of people see these leaks as coming from the prosecution. They are the total beneficiaries of these types of leaks. The reason some observers report that this is problematic is because if the leaks are coming from the prosecution, the SBSD won’t give them so much as a second look during their “investigation”. Others have bluntly stated that they are concerned prosecutors may be trying to cover their asses on this issue. Some “case” observers have flat out said that this “investigation” could be a major PR job on behalf of prosecutors because the leaks may have backfired for them. The pro-prosecution leaks also…conveniently…came after people were coming out the woodwork to give interviews with the media concerning their own run-ins with the family and info about the family’s incredibly shady, possibly felonious past. True, an enormous amount of information was leaked. But some of what was leaked, although salacious, showed blaring holes and illogical stories in the prosecution’s “case”. Full info coming soon -MJEOL

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