BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutors Threatening, Bullying the Defense?

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BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutors Threatening the Defense? JAN 29 2005 — Has the prosecution in the Michael Jackson “case” gone off the deep-end? In recently released court papers, the defense has put the prosecution on high blast for apparently threatening to release “everything [Mr. Sneddon] knows about the defendant” if the defense tries to impeach current DA Tom Sneddon on the witness stand. In shocking court documents (docs) released recently, the defense says Deputy DA Gordon Auchincloss essentially threatened the defense to back away from ripping Sneddon’s credibility apart when he takes the stand to testify in this “case” he’s brought against Jackson. In the defense’s Opposition to DA’s Motion in Limine Re: Evidence Code Section 402 Issues, Jackson’s attorneys reveal this information. From that doc:

Most remarkably, however, Mr. Auchincloss threatens the defense in the second full paragraph of page 6. He says, in essence, that, if we attempt to impeach Mr. Sneddon or if we even comment on the prosecution’s motivation, he will release “everything [Mr. Sneddon] knows about the defendant.” (pg 9)

Sneddon has made himself a witness in this “case” for acting like an investigator or police officer. The defense cites a list of questionable behavior that seems to rise and exceed the level of misconduct. In their motion they write:

The fact is that Mr. Sneddon did get personally involved in this case. He went to a defense investigator’s office and took pictures. He personally interviewed _________ and showed her key photographs. He took possession of evidence. He arranged for Mrs. ________ to obtain money. He interviewed her without an officer present. This was in addition to him personally going to Mr. Jackson’s residence on at least four occasions to conduct searches, to traveling to Australia to try to get a witness to testify against Mr. Jackson, to holding press conferences and making inappropriate remarks, to having a standing request on his website for people to testify against Mr. Jackson. Mr. Sneddon made himself a witness — particularly as to what ________ said and did at the interview with her. It was a key interview because [redacted]. He is subject to being impeached for bias, just like anyone else. (pg 8)

The defense says there are ways they will respond to such threats coming from the prosecution starting with filing another motion to have the DA removed from the “case”. The most important reason is that he will be a witness in this “case”. Another burgeoning reason could be these supposed threats leveled against the defense from his underling, Auchincloss. In the motion, the defense continues:

Mr. Auchincloss’ response to legitimate concerns of the defense — is Mr. Sneddon biased and, whether or not he is biased, how can a prosecution overlook so much evidence — is to attempt to extort the defense into withdrawing such legitimate evidence form the jury. Mr. Auchincloss’ litany of things he will do so that “[t]he defense does not want to go there”‘ are clearly inadmissible and bullying.

First the prosecution is accused by at least one witness of bullying him during the grand jury process, and now they’re either so bold or so desperate that they’re bullying the defense? :nav Download file: Stay tuned for further information on this developing story. -MJEOL

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