MJEOL Bullet #242 Preview

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[b]MJEOL Bullet #242 Preview:[/b] Feb 2 2005 — As the first phase of the Michael Jackson trial is finished–a jury pool of 250 people has been chosen– more insight into this current “case” and the 1993 investigation is revealed. Some legal analysts are publicly expressing a few doubts about the logic in the “case”, while others have been calling a spade a spade for months now. The face of this “case”, Tom Sneddon, didn’t bother to show up for the first two days of trial. Whether this first phase of jury selection is housekeeping or not, it did seem odd to a number of observers that he wouldn’t so much as make an appearance. He had nothing better to do when he was holding joking press conferences, so why did he suddenly become too busy to make an appearance at the start of the actual trial? Maybe he was busy taking the accuser shoppingÂ…more on that later. This is Sneddon’s trial. This is what he’s wanted. Every since 1993, he may have been wishing for another chance at Jackson. This “case”, however, gives new meaning to the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Future MJEOL Bullets will discuss some of the bald-faced lies and half-truths around the 1993 Jackson investigation that has found it’s way into the media thanks largely to a bunch of history revisionists; revisionists whose bread-and-butter notoriety is linked to the 1993 investigation. But before getting into that, more interesting information about this current “case” is coming to light. Finally some in the media, like TV lawyer Dan Abrams for example, may have actually gotten off of the their collective asses long enough to do a bit of in-depth research, and now have the guts to publicly express some major doubts about the logic of this current “case” in a more comprehensive way. What is obvious now is that the conspiracy charge and the molestation charge are at odds with each other. They are conflicting in such a way that makes one thing impossible or improbable if another thing is alleged to have happened. The two charges are in essence fighting with each other for credibility. Their fight may end up sinking this “case”Â…that is, if Jackson’s attorneys don’t do that first with their exonerating evidence. Full info coming soon -MJEOL

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