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A Nosy Feldman Asks Jackson Questions about Health Book – Developing UPDATE #1 DEVELOPING (Feb 11 2005) — Since when did a heath book qualify as “porn”? Since it belonged to Michael Jackson, apparently. While the media is driving off a cliff with this Corey Feldman story, they should at least inform their audiences that, so far, the only “porn” link between Jackson and Feldman was a health book of “nude” people with venereal diseases that Feldman spotted at Jackson’s apartment when he was teenager. The 20/20 interview with glorified tabloid reporter Martin Bashir hasn’t aired yet. So who knows what Feldman will claim……almost 20 years later…….and after repeatedly saying nothing inappropriate ever happened between he and Jackson. We do know that he continues to say, even in this Bashir interview, that absolutely nothing ever happened between he and Jackson. Who knows what Feldman now claims he magically remembers, but the information, as currently known, shows that the media has no interest in reporting the full facts of this story. This is from the ABC News article posted at their website:

Feldman says he had such an encounter at Jackson’s home when he says they stopped there on the way to Disneyland. “We went to his apartment, and I noticed a book that he had out on his coffee table. The book contained pictures of grown men and women naked. And the book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia.” Feldman said the singer sat down with him and explained the photos to him. (see Corey Feldman Speaks Out Against Jackson)

So, this wasn’t a book that Jackson put in front of his face for no reason. Nor was this situation initiated by Jackson. Feldman reportedly asked Jackson about the book. Instead of snatching the book from the wild teenager, Jackson more than likely sat him down and told him about some of the negative ramifications of the fast lifestyle which Feldman would, inevitably, come to live. That’s is….IF Feldman is telling the truth. If this is the Bashir “scoop” that caused prosecutors to subpoena Feldman, then this “case” is running on fumes. Did prosecutors jump the gun because of the way ABC initially allowed speculation about Feldman’s words to build up? That’s a major possibility judging from the way the prosecution’s favorite reporter tried to cut Feldman off at the knees during an appearance on Crier Live Feb 10 2005. The tabloid reporter said of Feldman:

Dimond: Absolutely. And herein lies the problem with Corey Feldman. God bless him if he was molested by anybody, of course, but he’s told so many different stories. He’s had so many problems with drugs and alcohol over the years. In 1993 he saying nothing ever happened. In 2003, as you had on last night Catherine, he told Larry King nothing ever happened. Now all of a sudden he’s on ABC with Martin Bashir tomorrow night, we’re all waiting with bated breath, saying he has come to a ‘sickening realization’. Here is my bottom line on this. Corey Feldman was a child star. His career has really sort of gone nowhere as an adult. Maybe this was a jump-start to something. I don’t know. But as a witness in this current case, I think he’s just rendered himself useless to everybody. He’s not good for the state or the defense but he’s on the state’s witness list.

What would make her want to cut Feldman off at the knees here? Did the word come down from her “highly placed sources” that Feldman’s testimony is useless and could paint prosecutors as desperate? What may be true is that Feldman, under cross-examination, probably won’t get past a 402 hearing which will decided if he’s allowed to testify in court or not. He’s said too many things to the contrary for too many years on his own volition. Feldman was a grown man in 1993 when he was questioned by police. In an exclusive from Celebrity Justice, Feldman repeatedly tells the police that absolutely nothing inappropriate or sexual ever happened between he and Jackson, and he never saw Jackson act inappropriately with anyone else either. __Inappropriate questioning by police?__ What may be a far more interesting story here is the way in which the police responded to him back in 1993. They absolutely didn’t want to hear anything other than him making an allegation against Jackson. Period. Feldman told cops back in 1993 that he was molested by someone other than Jackson — even gave the cops this person’s name and occupation — but they didn’t want to hear it. As reported by Jane Valez-Mitchell, who also appeared on Crier Live Feb 10 2005, the police didn’t seem interested at all in catching a REAL molester during that 1993 taped police interview. From the show:

Jane Valez-Mitchell: Well It’s really amazing, Catherine. It goes on for more than an hour and these detectives hammer away at Corey Feldman. ‘What happened with you and Michael Jackson?’ Over and over and over again. Corey Feldman says nothing happened. ‘I have racked my brain and thought about well did something happen that i didn’t realize it’. No. ‘Nothing happened’. And they don’t want to hear it. It seems like that is not what they want to hear. They hammer away at him over and over again. For more than an hour. What’s really amazing at one point he goes, ‘you know, i know what it is like to be molested. I was molested’. He names this person that he accuses of molesting him and even says what his occupation is. These detectives show very little interest in pursuing that angle and bring it right back to Michael Jackson. ‘Well, did you talk to Michael Jackson about that’? Pretty amazing stuff.

Valez-Mitchell again makes the point about how the police just wanted to hear what they wanted to hear and not what the person has to say. Before Valez-Mitchell was cut off by Dimond trying to make excuses for the police’s one-sided questioning, she reported:

Valez-Mitchell: Well you know, I have to disagree with my very good friend, Diane Dimond. I think he could actually be pretty good for the defense because, I mean there he is. They’re saying ‘well you sounded a little funny when you were talking about the jacuzzi’ and once again he’s saying nothing happened. This kind of dove tails with what the defense said all along that there’s a vendetta by the prosecutor that they have a preconceived notion that they’ve been out to get Jackson for a long time. And it sounds like they just don’t want to take no for an answer there. They are supposed to be objective but they…

This tape, along with Feldman’s Nov 2003 interview with Larry King Live, is sure to be used by the defense during any type of cross-examination of this witness-come-lately. In that King interview, Feldman AGAIN not only denies any molestation, but also denies that anything inappropriate happened. Remember his age. According to reporters, Feldman was 22 in 1993 and 32 in 2003. This isn’t some little kid who didn’t realize something, then grew up and magically noticed something. Stay tuned to this developing story and note any updates made to this page. -MJEOL

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