MJEOL Bullet #244 Preview

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MJEOL Bullet #244 Preview: Feb 12 2005 — “If I were Tom Sneddon, I would run, not walk, away from this witness,” said former San Diego District Attorney Paul Pfingst on The Abrams Report Feb 11 2005 in response to what the prosecution should do with Corey Feldman, a bitter ex-friend of Michael Jackson’s from the 1980s. This stems from the latest speculation frenzy in the media, sparked again, by ABC’s newest “glorified tabloid reporter” and accused blackmailer, Martin Bashir. Bashir ran an interview he did with child actor and (former?) drug addict Corey Feldman which was broadcast on ABC’s 20/20 Feb 11 2005. The advertising for the program was steeped in ambiguity and innuendo, as most of Bashir’s “scoops” are. It may have also drew the attention of current District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who is by now desperately trying to glue together some semblance of a “case” against Michael Jackson. With Bashir’s addition to ABC News, they may have crossed the line from simply reporting a story, to maliciously and intentionally going after Jackson. The repeated statements in the media made by Feldman have a lot of people scratching their heads at his newly-found revelations, questioning his motives and his timing, not to mention his credibility and ability to remember events after years of heavy drug use. Bashir is set to, once again, assist in the defamation of Michael Jackson in another one-sided “special” next week on ABC, even though he will be forced to testify by prosecutors in the Jackson “case”. But what could these types of programs mean for ABC and how are some viewers responding to this latest tabloid bend? Stay tunedÂ… -MJEOL

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